Modifying a customer’s logo for their signage

By Randy Howe

Posted on Friday, July 23rd, 2021

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When a graphic designer produces a logo, there is often little thought given to how it will work on sign formats. But that logo may eventually be used on a storefront, freestanding sign, vehicle, banner, lobby wall or A-frame. The formats may be horizontal, vertical or square. Few logos work in every signage situation without some modification.

Some customers feel that their logo cannot be changed in any way. But if you look at large corporations like Starbucks and McDonald’s, you’ll find that they use their logos in different configurations, depending on the usage, while still preserving the logo’s look and feel.

When Suzie first contacted me about doing her storefront sign, she already had her logo. It’s a perfectly fine logo for sure, with an original illustrated character that I really like. My only concern was that, as a sign, how easily would it be to read at a glance by passersby?

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Randy Howe’s shop, Getzum Exposure, is in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada.

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