Clear coat hand lettering for max durability

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, January 3rd, 2022

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As clear coats on vehicles became more impervious and lead was removed from lettering enamel, many sign painters began to experience problems with adhesion, fading and chalking on vehicle lettering and pinstriping. Lane Walker [Solo Signs, Reno, Nevada] decided that clear coating the lettering might be the solution.

“Jeff’s solution [Jeff Devey, Jeff’s Graphics, Twin Falls, Idaho] was to switch to Hot Hues pinstriping urethane,” says Lane, “though I’m not sure how he actually manages to letter with it. I realized that since gold leaf has always needed to be clear coated for durability, I decided that 1 Shot lettering enamel could also be clear coated to achieve that same durability.

“I started out using a low-end Dupont clear mixed 2:1 with hardener so it had a thinner viscosity. But I still wasn’t happy with the durability. It didn’t bond well to the lettering enamel. After talking with a few high-end body shops, I switched to the Spies Hecker that I now use which mixes at a 3:1 ratio. I’ve been using it for four years with great results.”

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