Tips & Tricks: Save the type info on the layout

By signcraft

Posted on Sunday, August 28th, 2022

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When I do a layout, I always break the letters in the layout apart and convert them to curves so that I can manipulate and adjust them. If I save the layout at that point, though, I don’t have the font information in the file. In the past, if I had to go back to a customer’s design file, I couldn’t tell which fonts I had used. So I started typing a word or two in the file and leave it.

To avoid this, I began typing a word (usually “FONT”) in each of the typestyles that I used in the space beside the layout. If I come back to this sign in a couple years and need to do a different version, I won’t have to go looking for these obscure fonts that I used just once on this particular job.

In this example, I used three fairly unique typefaces in the layout. I probably never used them before, and I won’t remember their names just by looking at them in the finished sign. I type a word in each of them, highlight them in a different color and obviously

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