Sell a sculpture with the sign

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, September 5th, 2022

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3D letters can add a lot to a sign, but a carved graphic or better yet, an actual sculpture, can really make a sign something unique. It catches the viewer off guard and wondering, at least subconsciously, “Hey—what’s that doing there?”

Bruce Janssen, whose work we recently featured, has used sculpture and 3D elements for years to make signs more obvious and more appealing. When he was first featured in SignCraft 34 years ago, his sign for the Boyne Industrial Park was the cover photo—a huge freeform wood sculpture that carried the sign’s message.

“I wish I could just do sculpture,” says Bruce, “but I usually have to make it into a sign. But sculpture and signs go together very well. We’re in the process of replacing that industrial park sign right now with another sculpture that incorporates a sign. It will be our largest project to date—12- and 10-ft. tall stainless steel columns—and dramatic. The sculpture essentially draws the attention, and the letters are just there to deliver the message.”

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