Q&A: Best paint for window splashes

By signcraft

Posted on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022

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Readers want to know:

“What paint works best for Christmas window splashes?”

Window splashes are great advertising, and Christmas windows are a terrific seasonal opportunity for sign painters. This reader wants to know what paint others use for the job.

This taco-serving Santa is the work of Nick Barber, Ventura, California.

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Sharon Flippin
1 year ago

I’ve gone water based on my window splashes.
I put down a white primer base coat and then use
Behr brand acrylic for the colors.
Mack Brush company has some brushes that can
be used with water based paints.

1 year ago

I have been using interior eggshell enamel from Benjamin Moore. Layout a white base coat with a 4” roller then come back in with your colours. A double coat on the base can really make your colours pop!

Jon Peterman
Jon Peterman
1 year ago

I switched to Sherwin Williams paints after all the other window color suppliers dried up

Devin Czarnecki
Devin Czarnecki
1 year ago

Dayglo water base on top of flat white latex, outlines with cel vinyl paint.

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