Tip: Finish the graphics before sandblasting

By Daniel Dean

Posted on Sunday, January 8th, 2023

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I like the clean, sharp edges you get when you paint a panel before sandblasting. But sandblast stencil doesn’t adhere well to the exterior acrylic paints most of us now use. I have found a solution, though, using Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Coating spray paint.

I paint the areas where the lettering will fall with exterior acrylic latex paint and let it dry thoroughly. After a couple of days, I spray a thin coat of Krylon Fusion Clear over the exterior acrylic latex paint to improve adhesion.

With the panel lying flat, spray across the panel. Begin about halfway across the panel and spray your first stroke from left to right. Tilt the can forward to create a wider pattern. I prefer to use a trigger handle on the spray can for comfort and control.

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