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By signcraft

Posted on Sunday, February 19th, 2023

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Download Ian McLellan’s classic teak images today for free! Choose from the Photoshop files or TIFF files, which are smaller and will download faster.

Photoshop files: This ZIP file is 1.4GB and includes two high-resolution Photoshop images.

TIFF files: This ZIP file is 700MB and includes the same two images in TIFF format.

For best results, download it on a computer with a high speed connection rather than a mobile device.

At 300dpi, one file will print at 142-by-26-in. and the other at 44-by-26-in. Download them today!

When a local restaurant came to Ian to have him replace their old broken sign, the owner mentioned that she really liked the nautical theme. She and Ian discussed the sign having the look of the transom of a wooden boat.

“That reminded me of hours and hours spent working in Photoshop creating images of teak planks,” Ian says. “About six years ago, I had a customer with a 40 ft. sport fisherman boat. He wanted a teak transom and trim but the cost was prohibitive. I suggested we wrap it.

“We couldn’t find good images of teak, so I created them. He got several teak planks for me to photograph. I merged and blended the photos in Photoshop to create the wrap for the transom and toe rails.

He retrieved the old files from his archive and designed the sign for the restaurant. The two faces of the 4-by-3-ft. sign are PVC board cut to shape on the CNC router. They were sandwiched and screwed and glued over a H-shaped steel frame of 1/8-in. to provide support and hangers.

The teak graphics were printed on the Epson S-40600 printer. The recessed screw heads were filled and the edges were painted to match the borders on the sign face. The teak print that he created years ago was applied to the face, cut to the shape of the sign.

The letters were cut on the router, finished with black paint, then mounted to the sign face. The next day, 22K gold leaf film [Real Gold 22K gold leaf sign vinyl] was CAD-cut 1/8-in. smaller than the letters and applied to the letter faces. A 3/8-in. border of 22K gold leaf film was added to the border.

“The project was a fun diversion from the routine production printing work that is the majority of our business,” says Ian. “And the customer was ecstatic about the finished sign. I suppose that feeling is why many of us went into this business and remain all these years later.


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Tony Mead
Tony Mead
1 year ago

Really nice look. Thanks for sharing the artwork!
1 year ago

Ian, thank you for the free download of your artwork. It looks so nice on your projects.

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