Download these ready-to-print panels for FREE!

By signcraft

Posted on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023

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Ken Tamashiro invested a lot of time learning Photoshop, and particularly in creating the look of gold or silver leaf dimensional graphics. He has operated Ken’s Custom Signs in Long Beach, California for nearly 50 years and uses Photoshop extensively.

“I do most of my sign layouts for printed graphics in Photoshop,” he says. “It’s a very powerful tool for sign makers. I like to use the unique effects on the lettering that Photoshop makes possible. Very realistic bevels, inset centers, gold leaf, blends, unusual outlines—all this and more are possible if you invest a little time in learning how to use Photoshop.”

These panels are examples of the panels he created with the help of Photoshop. They’re yours for FREE—ready to add the text and print the signage.

Click here to download the TIFF images of all three panel designs.

“If you don’t have the Photoshop skills or the time to learn it,” Ken says, “find a skilled Photoshop user who can do this work for you. It’s like anything else you might outsource. Send them your files and tell them what you want added to them.

“Remember that the ability to use these effects to create signs with extra impact adds real value to a sign. Don’t give this work away. It’s a mistake to undersell your work because it attracts more of the same type of customers who care more about low prices than good designs and value.”

You can see more of Ken’s work in “Five steps that make Photoshop lettering effects easy.




Here’s an example of the panel with text added then printed.