Tips & Tricks: Make weeding white and light-colored vinyl graphics easier

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, March 20th, 2023

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If you are getting old and decrepit like me, it gets harder to see the lines on cut vinyl, especially white material. This is more even difficult on complex designs or very thin scripts.

Simply take some powdered graphite and wipe it over the cut vinyl. The lines will be much easier to see. After you weed the graphics, wipe them with rubbing alcohol to remove the powder.

Rocco Gaskins Sr., Abco Signs, Pennsauken New Jersey

And here’s another take on this shortcut…

When weeding light-colored vinyl, it can be hard to see the cut lines. I put a very small amount of pouncing chalk on an old, cotton cloth glove then wipe it over the surface to yield the cut letters. This keeps the X-acto knife from destroying letters when cutting lines apart to make weeding easier.

Dave Murphy, Murphy Signs, Harlan, Iowa