Tips & Tricks: Quality materials and proper installation are powerful sales tools

By signcraft

Posted on Sunday, March 19th, 2023

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Most signs get removed or moved sooner or later, yet hardly anyone thinks of sign removal and/or relocation. For example, if cheap materials are used for vinyl signs, or the graphics are left on a car for way too long, removal is a pain. “Ghost images” of the graphics may also remain on the vehicle after removal. A removable vinyl may cost a little more, but it saves money in the long run.

The same goes for building sign installations. If the drilled holes are unnecessarily large or poorly drilled, resulting in the wall chipping, patching will be difficult—and may cost the business owner.

When a sign is removed, patching leaves what I call “pancakes” on a textured wall—smooth patches that are obvious. Matching the texture is an extra cost, usually paid by the business owner and not the landlord.

I prefer to install in a way that when a sign is removed, it looks like it was never there. When fabricating and installing signs and letters, I always plan for easy access for maintenance, too. Even the location of screws in the letters makes a difference.

The bottom line is that, in reality, the overall sign cost includes maintenance and removal. When that is communicated to clients, most of the time they see the benefit of paying a little more for premium quality materials and professional installation. Using quality materials can be a powerful selling tool.

Ruslan Pozhidayev, EINSIGNS, Marina, California