Use the first five minutes to make the client feel important

By Ken Millar

Posted on Sunday, April 16th, 2023

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The first five minutes of talking to a new client in your office is the most important time you will ever spend with them. In those few moments, you can set the tone of all future communication and establish yourself as a professional.

Let the client talk. Listen. Listen for the need that is behind what they say. Ask good questions.

Questions like these make the customer feel important–and give you important info about their project:

Is this sign the only one in the viewing area?

If other signs are there, what are their prominent colors?

Are the other nearby signs larger or smaller than yours?

How much time will the typical viewer have to read your sign?

Would you like me to visit the location and survey it for you?

Do you have a logo image or graphics that you would like included on the sign?

Are there any preferences you have for the sign’s look-and-feel, or for its colors?

The person may be looking for a sign just like the one down the street from his new place of business. This type of identification may or may not be the best for his business. The client may be telling you what he or she likes, but not what he or she needs.

Within a few minutes, you can usually get an idea of what the client needs—an illuminated storefront sign, vehicle lettering or a banner. The very next thing we must do is quantify a price that the client is willing to spend. You ask the client that question and let him supply the answer.

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