7 tips for selling your work successfully

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, May 29th, 2023

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Almost every sign sale begins with a conversation between the customer and the sign maker. In that conversation—and every subsequent one—you are laying the groundwork for either a successful business relationship or something less than that. It’s also an opportunity to educate the customer about the types of signage available, the importance of effective design and the value of signs.

Taking advantage of this initial meeting has been very successful for Bob and Teresa Kaschak [Artisan Signs & Designs, Peru, New York]. Bob believes that educating the customer pays off—whether you’re dealing with the owner of a small business or a community board or a management team. It saves you time in the long run and helps clear the air on what signs cost.

“I think those initial sales meetings are very important,” says Teresa. “They lay the groundwork for the project. Fortunately, Bob is very good at that. He is a natural teacher, so he is good at explaining design, textures, colors and the process. It puts the customer at ease. And he’s a good listener. The most important thing about that first sales meeting is to listen to the customer.”

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