Classy, formal, decorative — script fonts have a look all their own

By Doug Downey

Posted on Monday, May 1st, 2023

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Ah, script fonts—the fancy, curly-haired cousin of the font world. These fonts are like the divas of the design world, demanding attention and admiration wherever they go. They’re the fonts that say, “Why just write something when you can write it with style and pizzazz?”

Script fonts are like that friend who always wears high heels and red lipstick, even when going to the grocery store. They’re confident, glamorous, and always ready for their close-up.

They’re the fonts that make you feel like you’re writing with a quill pen on a piece of parchment, even if you’re just typing on a computer. They’re the fonts that transport you to a world of ballroom dancing, champagne toasts, and candlelit dinners.

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Doug Downey has been in the sign business since 1979. He provides sign and logo design services to sign companies in the US and Canada. His company, The Image Factory is in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.