Three classic signpainting tips

By signcraft

Posted on Sunday, May 28th, 2023

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Many years ago, an elderly sign painter showed me how to fold a paint cup or box that holds your paint while lettering. It’s very convenient because you can mix and thin your paint in the cup, then hold the cup by one of the tabs between your thumb and forefinger while holding the mahlstick with the same hand. The other tab can be used as a palette.

Leftover vinyl liner paper is great for this because it is thick and coated. If you mix up more than you need for the job, you can let it skin over and stack the boxes inside each other. You can peel the skin back and use the paint again for the next week or two.

I start with a piece of paper that is about 4½-by-10-in. I fold it roughly in thirds in both directions. The video shows how to fold it into an open-topped box with a flap on each end. Squeeze the ends firmly so that the box will hold its shape.

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