Digital print problems? Try this easy fix!

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, June 26th, 2023

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Most of the wholesale digital printing companies prefer to get a PDF with the fonts converted to curves. This helps ensure that the printed output matches the original file as closely as possible. There are multiple PDF “presets” in most software, though, and they can produce different results. Doug Downey [The Image Factory, Stratford, Ontario, Canada] learned years ago that choosing the correct one ensures consistent output every time.

“When I export a completed design to PDF for printing,” Doug says, “I use the PDF/X-1a:2001 preset in CorelDRAW. I started doing this years ago, and I have never had a color problem with the output I get back. I have sent it to many different companies—for printing on vinyl, corrugated plastic, banners, flags, pens, business cards or whatever. Everything comes back just as I saw it on the screen.

“You still want to take a minute and check your proof before sending it to the printer. Check your fonts and colors. Some colors like fluorescent pink are hard to reproduce accurately in print. You may have to adjust the colors in your original file to get the vibrance that you want.”

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