Seven extra bold fonts for under $25 each

By signcraft

Posted on Sunday, September 24th, 2023

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Most typefaces don’t work well on signs. There are tens of thousands to choose from, but since most were designed to use on the printed page or on a computer display, they often lose legibility at the large sizes needed for sign work.

Searching for typefaces for sign work that are highly legible and interesting can be addicting. Ken Tamashiro [Ken’s Custom Signs, Long Beach, California] is always looking for great fonts for sign work, and he shares seven super bold typefaces here that are available for $25 or less.

An extra bold typeface can give a sign’s primary message the impact it deserves. A quick look along the street shows that most signs are done with medium weight typefaces. When you want the message to shout, though, these typefaces will do the job.

Several of these typefaces are available for free download. If you use them commercially, though, you must buy the license—but at $25 or less, they’re very affordable.