The time-saving power of the Sharpie sketch

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, September 25th, 2023

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The customer who just walked in your shop may have only bought one or two signs in their life—or quite possibly has never purchased a sign. They may have a drawing in their hand that they put together on the computer or maybe just an idea in their head. Though they may have seen and liked your work, they don’t know if you can create something that they will like and be effective for them.

What’s the fastest way to turn this scenario into a closed sale? For many sign designers, it is the quick rough sketch.

If you have basic drawing skills and have developed your ability to come up with layouts on the fly, doing a rough drawing in front of the customer can jump you past teasing their idea out of them or explaining why their drawing needs some work. It can give you a big edge in the sales process.

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