11 (cheap) fonts with the look of classic hand lettering

By signcraft

Posted on Sunday, October 1st, 2023

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In the 1950s and ’60s, hand lettering was still widely used in advertising, often with a loose, casual feel that made it fun and enthusiastic. Typefaces based on these letter styles can add a retro look to your layouts and move a design away from the stiff, generic look that is so common today.

Ken Tamashiro [Ken’s Custom Signs, Long Beach, California] is always looking for fonts that work well for sign work yet don’t cost much. He shared these eleven typefaces with a casual look that are favorites of his for us to pass along to SignCraft readers.

Several of these typefaces are available for free download. If you use them commercially, though, you must buy the license—but at $25 or less, they’re a low-cost way to add a unique look to a sign layout.

Mouse Memoirs:

Ephemera Egyptian:

Shop Casual:

El Durango:

Tarif Arabic:



Door Buster:

Relieve Vintage Script:

Sign Brush: