Prevent lettering enamel from losing its shine

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, November 27th, 2023

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Readers want to know: “Lettering enamel seems to start to lose its gloss in just a few months these days. Should I be adding hardener or using UV clear coat?”

This reader notices that enamel loses its shine relatively fast, and says it is especially obvious on truck lettering. Do you use an additive or clear coat to keep your lettering enamel shiny longer?

Find answers from readers below and add your own if you can help.

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Juergen Foerster
Juergen Foerster
7 months ago

I agree that lettering enamels aren’t what they used to be, but have found that One Shot Lettering Enamel seems to hold up the best. I always stir the paint thoroughly to make sure the dryers are mixed in well, never just
“shake” the can. I’ve never had a fading issue after just a few months. BUT I don’t work in a warm sunny climate and UV rays do take a heavy toll on paint, especially alkyd enamel. Maintenance does play a role and if the owner of the vehicle is lax on washing and maybe a little waxing then the lettering also suffers.

7 months ago

You can add either 1-shot Metallic Gold or
1 Shot Metallic Silver. These will add body to the
paint without diluting the shine and durability

Curt Stenz
Curt Stenz
7 months ago

Over the years I have found that adding hardener does help. I never sprayed in my shop but I had friends at body shops that would clear coat projects that warranted the extra cost. Lasts for years.

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