3-D signs can grow your business

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, January 8th, 2024

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3D signs pack a lot of appeal and it’s easy to add them to the type of signs you offer. It opens the door to a broader market of higher end signage. And thanks to the outsourcing options, you can move in this direction without adding equipment.

Over the past few years, RT Signs, Steinbach, Manitoba, has been producing more and more 3D signs. As usual, once you get more of a certain type of work out for the public to see, customers who want that same type of work start showing up at your shop.

“We went through a stage a few years ago where almost all of our work was printed,” says Travis Toews of RT Signs. “We were confident of the durability and the work went through the shop smoothly. But we realized that there were materials that delivered outstanding quality and durability for 3D signage. We started doing more 3D signs and more customers started asking us about them.”

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