Q&A: Choose a durable chrome film for vehicle graphics

By signcraft

Posted on Sunday, February 18th, 2024

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A reader wants to know: ā€œIā€™d like to hear what others think is the best chrome film for computer-cut vehicle lettering.ā€

Chrome- or silver-look lettering can be a great effect, but not every chrome-look film will hold up when used on a truck or other exterior lettering. This reader would like to know what product others use that will stand the test of time.

Find answers from readers below and add your own if you can help.

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Kristine Merz
1 month ago

I buy all my (real) gold and silver materials from Real Gold Inc. It’s all the real stuff and is good for 10 & 15 year outdoor life Chrome & Gold Sign Vinyls. I’ve done projects that are still looking perfect well after the 15 year mark! Just price it accordingly and everyone will be happy!

JH Signs & Designs, Inc.
JH Signs & Designs, Inc.
1 month ago

RTape VinylFX Outdoor Metallized as been my go to. For semi graphics, I like to recommend Oracal 383 Silver Leaf as it holds up just as well but doesn’t show scratches like chrome films. Looks higher class in my opinion.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards
1 month ago

Real Gold vinyl works well on exterior or interior signage

Last edited 1 month ago by Jim Edwards
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