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Bob Behounek has spent over 40 years as a sign artist and pinstriper in the Chicago, Illinois, area.

Put those classic panel shapes to work

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Delivering the message day and night

With all the advances in technology, which weren’t available years back, signage today is so much more diverse. These same advances can be… Read More

Letter a positive message

  Throughout my career, letters and the use of color have played a major role in whatever I did commercially or for fun… Read More

Color contrasts help you control the message

“Opposites attract,” says the old, oft-repeated saying. This doesn’t only apply to marriages, friendships and magnets. It applies to sign design, too. Opposites… Read More

Lettering and striping are essential to a restoration project

Long before I began my apprenticeship in the sign industry, visual communications were seen all over town. I’m sure most were hand-painted. They… Read More

My pinstriping roots

The magic year was 1969, a time filled with anticipation as I began my apprenticeship in the sign industry. Outside of pizza, hot… Read More

Tips from 55 years of sign painting

Back when every sign was hand painted every day, sign painters were expected to do a job right the first time, as efficiently… Read More

Design Clinic: A-frame sign

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Design Clinic: Fascia sign for a machine shop

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Lettering and striping for the fun of it

It’s rather funny how life goes. Many years ago, I set out to embark on a career in railroading. I could see myself… Read More

Design Clinic: Fascia sign makeover

When someone who is a consultant by profession comes in for a sign, I’m always concerned if they will be on the alert… Read More

A blast from the past!

It’s been almost 30 years since I gathered photos of trucks I had done and with the help of SignCraft, put them together… Read More

Design Clinic: New design for a truck fleet

Long-established companies are some of the more difficult clients to get to make changes in their outward appearance. You’ve heard the adage, “If… Read More

Design Clinic: Revamping the pet salon sign

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Design Clinic: Take a break and have some fun

Ever since I was in grade school, my interests seemed to center around color and design. I am a visual type of person,… Read More

Design Clinic: Restaurant window signs

Much of my work in recent years centered around fascias and vehicle graphics, but it wasn’t always that way. In my early days,… Read More

Design Clinic: 4-by-12-ft. fascia sign for a salon

When the phone rings with prospective work, most of us are interested to help in any way possible. That’s the nature of the… Read More

Race car graphics at 1/25th scale

Way back before video games totally engulfed the younger generation, an innocent world existed where kids made things by hand to play with… Read More

Design Clinic: Sandblasted entry sign makeover

There was a time when it seemed that everyone wanted a sandblasted redwood or cedar sign. They are warm, strong, and the sandblasted… Read More

Design Clinic: A few recent projects

Once upon a time, when hand-crafted things were the rule and not the exception, craftspeople seemed to understand what it was going to… Read More