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Bob Behounek has spent over 40 years as a sign artist and pinstriper in the Chicago, Illinois, area.

Retro panel shapes help organize a layout

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Layout principles set your signs apart

Way too many signs produced today fall into a category best described as monotonous. If we look up the word in the dictionary,… Read More

Legibility is the cornerstone of sign layout

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Don’t let creases and seams control your layouts

I have always been a believer in using imaginary borders when it comes to sign layout. Readability will always prevail when enough unused… Read More

Before & After: Traditional principles inspire new layouts

I really got charged up when those color sign sketches from Beverly Sign Company resurfaced last spring [see Sketches from the Golden Age… Read More

The fine art of sensible sign design

Wherever life takes me, I find limitations, rules and just about every regulation under the sun. I’ve always hated living in the box… Read More

The fun stuff keeps the work interesting

Every year at this time, I take time to sit down and review all that’s taken place so far this year. It’s really… Read More

Race cars: Graphics at high speed

A good friend once alerted me to an online source devoted to Santa Fe Park, a stock-car racing track in nearby Hinsdale, Illinois…. Read More

Design with visual competition in mind

The miles on my trusty old pickup truck have piled up over the years, faster than foreclosures in today’s economy. My daily travels… Read More

It all started with a pencil sketch

I think it started back during my junior high school days—you know, those times when we have time to doodle and dream. It… Read More

Balancing your life and your sign work

While visiting with some good friends of mine the other day, we started reviewing our “work-to-fun ratios.” When this subject comes up in… Read More

Let’s focus on design

No matter how many signs we design, paint, vinylize or produce in some form or another, the number of design possibilities before us… Read More

Handling linear layouts

Back in the mid-1960s, my travels in and around the greater Chicago area were a source of inspiration and amazement. Right in the… Read More

Color contrast helps cure ailing layouts

I can’t believe how fast this year is going. It seems like weeks go by, then before you know it, the seasons have… Read More

The ampersand is your friend

A few weeks ago I heard someone on the radio say it was National Ampersand Day. Really—a special day just in honor of… Read More

Start with a survey of the site

Most of those passing by a sign today are so distracted by things both moving and still that it leaves little time for… Read More

Put those classic panel shapes to work

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Delivering the message day and night

With all the advances in technology, which weren’t available years back, signage today is so much more diverse. These same advances can be… Read More

Letter a positive message

  Throughout my career, letters and the use of color have played a major role in whatever I did commercially or for fun… Read More

Color contrasts help you control the message

“Opposites attract,” says the old, oft-repeated saying. This doesn’t only apply to marriages, friendships and magnets. It applies to sign design, too. Opposites… Read More