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Dan Antonelli owns KickCharge Creative (formerly Graphic D-Signs, Inc.) in Washington, New Jersey. His latest book, Building a Big Small Business Brand, joins his Logo Design for Small Business I and II. He can be reached at dan@kickcharge. com. Dan also offers consulting and business coaching services to sign companies. For more information, visit On Instagram: @danantonelli_kickcharge.

The power of before-and-after

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From Blanded to Branded: Don’t blend in. Stand out.

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Effective design creates a powerful first impression

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Adapting logos to vehicles

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Logo design for truck wraps

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Signs deliver powerful first impressions

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Before and after: Three redesigned truck wraps

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The responsibility of designers

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Trademark basics: What you need to know

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Creative briefs speed the design process

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Finding work beyond your neighborhood

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A sign maker’s dream

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Rebranding my own small business

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7 steps to using mascots to build brands successfully

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Color splits make your vehicle wraps more disruptive

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Case studies and testimonials speed the sales process

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Simple wraps succeed, clutter fails

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How to capitalize on bad wraps

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What’s old is new again

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