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What’s it cost to produce this freestanding sign?

Materials: Two 6-by-6-in. 8-ft. PT posts: $30 Eight 8-ft. 2-by-8-in. PT: $60 Four 8-ft. 2-by-6-in. PT: $25 Eight 8-ft. 2-by-4-in. PT: $25 18… Read More

What’s it cost to produce this 4-by-5-ft. freestanding sign?

Materials (at retail prices): 4x8x¾-in. PVC board: $235 4x6x¾-in. PVC board: $170 12x24x½-in. PVC: $12 12 ft. 1½-in. alum. angle: $40 Two 5-by-5-in…. Read More

What’s it cost to produce this 3D entrance sign?

Materials: 4-by-5-ft. 3/4-in. PVC board: $120 2-by-4-ft. 1/2-in. PVC board: $40 2-by-5-ft. ¼-in. PVC board: $30 4-by-5-ft. 4mm corrugated plastic: $7 1 quart… Read More

Wasting time, wasting materials, wasting money?

For years I tried to “save money” by keeping scraps of every type of material we use. I looked at it like it… Read More