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19 mistakes every sign maker should avoid

It’s not hard to find examples of ineffective signs that don’t provide the best value for the sign customer. You can set your… Read More

What’s it cost to produce these twenty 8-by-24-in. reflective signs?

Materials: .080 3003-H14 aluminum: $138.45 3M 3430 EGP reflective vinyl 16 mils thickness: $43.04 Oracal cast vinyl Series 951: $41.21 RTape 4075 RLA… Read More

Nine tools for stronger layouts

Over the years I’ve found a few things that I feel really make a difference when it comes to creating signs that do… Read More

What’s it cost to produce this 26-by-40-in. sign?

Materials: Substrate: $19.33 Cast metallic gold vinyl (4 ft. x 15 in.): $5.71 Cast white vinyl (4 ft. x 15 in.): $5.01 Removable… Read More

What’s it cost to install acrylic letters on this monument sign?

Materials: ½-by-12-in. acrylic letters – $258.34 Shipping of letters – $37.99 Installation pattern – $32.40 Silicone: one tube – $5.98 Two 1/8-in. masonry… Read More