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Fabricate an easy ACM sign cabinet

Aluminum composite material gets a lot of use for flat sign panels. But it’s also easy to form it into a dimensional sign… Read More

Cover photo: Country Kitchen, Signs by Van

Dimension always makes a sign more interesting, but when you combine it with interesting colors, texture and a graphic, it really ramps things… Read More

Five ways to boost profits without raising your prices

The fastest, easiest way to increase your sign business’s profits, of course, is to simply raise your prices. But it isn’t always quite… Read More

Cover photo: Cobra Concrete – RT Signs

Most of the vehicle lettering on the road doesn’t pack much wallop. This trailer by RT Signs, Steinbach, Manitoba, has plenty of impact… Read More

Tips & Tricks: Make paint and roller covers last

If you’ve been in the sign business for any length of time or are a sign painter, you’re probably already using this. Often… Read More

SignCraft Survey: What vinyl films do you use?

It’s always interesting to hear what products other sign makers are using with success. In the case of vinyl films, most sign makers… Read More

Cover photo: Fox & Feather – Doug Bernhardt:

Zoom in for a closer look at the remarkable hand carving, woodwork and gold leaf on this beautiful sign by Doug Bernhardt, Bernhardt… Read More

Tips & Tricks: Dealing with an ineffective customer-provided design

It’s always tough to try to change someone’s design, even if you know it’s terrible. I’m not a designer, but I’ve owned a… Read More

Tip & Tricks: Show customers the color possibilities for pinstriping

Color is a critical factor in pinstriping, and it can be hard for some customers to express what color they like and don’t… Read More

Brian Schofield: Truck door graphics that look like an emblem

What’s more amazing than to see your company name as a gleaming chrome or gold emblem that appears to be mounted on your… Read More

Cover photo: BC Bait, Braun Bleamer

  Over years and years of designing and selling signs, you get pretty good at reading customer expectations. A business that has been… Read More

Retro vehicle graphics sell

We’ve been fortunate to have established a nice niche with the retro branding work we do for clients all over the country (and… Read More

Cover photo: Cedar Knoll Kennel – Ian Macdonald

There are many fine wood signs made over the years that now need restored thanks to weather’s wear and tear. That’s the focus… Read More

Infills on CNC routing add texture and create interest

One of the techniques Dayna Reed [creator of the 3D Signs Made Easy and the More Super Cool 3D Signs videos] has used… Read More

Cover photo: Leaf Greenhouse – Rob Cooper

  You could do a different sign for this greenhouse, but it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful one than this sign by… Read More

A-frames make a great add-on sale

Signs are the best advertising value going, and smart sign shops look for every chance to help their client get the advertising they… Read More

Rob Cooper: 8 signs before-and-after

Before-and-after photos are a great way to see how a designer makes a sign more effective. Rob Cooper, Koh Tao, has had plenty… Read More

Cover photo: Flanders Fire Dept. – Jim Fetten

In January 2021 we posted an interesting article by Jim Fetten, Fetten Sign Company, Jamesport, New York, on how he did gold emblems… Read More

2024 Reader Survey – What is your minimum shop charge?

One of the questions we asked in our recent Reader Survey was, “Do you have a minimum shop charge and if so, how… Read More

Cover photo: Floral Culture – Scott Martin

Scott Martin was an outstanding sign maker from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, who passed in October of 2020. We had been planning a feature… Read More