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Swipe these ideas!

Let’s make that “Borrow these ideas!” So often, the spark of inspiration that you need to start a design comes from seeing the… Read More

Shop vehicles that get customers calling

As sign people, we talk about image with our customers all the time. We don’t, though, always take a close look at our… Read More

Is the background going to waste?

Most of the time, sign designers focus on the lettering and possibly a graphic for a sign design. The letters might get outlined,… Read More

CNC routers deliver head-turning signage

Sourcelist These companies offer products for CNC sign production and reach sign pros through SignCraft: CNC equipment AXYZ Gerber Scientific Products… Read More

Designer at work: Sean Beauchamp

Southpaw Studios is one of those combination design studio/sign shop/ unique fabrication shops. It was born as a sign shop focused on painted… Read More

From engraved plaques to cut steel signage, lasers do it all

Having a laser in your shop almost always means a broad range of work—from cell phone cases and key fobs to signage. Customers… Read More

Signs We’ve Seen

We’d like to see your work! …or photos of signs you’ve seen. Email them today to or mail to SignCraft, PO Box… Read More

Stripes & Graphics: Hone your skills on helmets

Racecar helmets, goalie masks, lacrosse helmets, helmets for skydivers— pinstripers get to do them all. A helmet is a small and challenging canvas:… Read More

Mike and Jay Szczoczarz

When you open a sign business, you may imagine or wonder if your son or daughter might someday work with you and eventually… Read More

Design & Price: 4-by-12-ft. banner

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they… Read More


An oil can guitar for a sign painter Dear SignCraft, I made three oil can guitars for an impromptu band that we put… Read More

Shop Trucks

Send us a photo of your shop truck today at or to SignCraft, P.O. Box 60031, Fort Myers, FL 33906. Read this… Read More

Tips & Tricks

Design bundles are a good buy I have been buying design bundles from fairly often in the past year or so. Each… Read More

Add a layer, up the value

Suppose there was one production technique that you could use to add 35% or more to the value of a sign. The same… Read More

Give ’em a sticker and sell more signs

Here’s an easy-to-use tip that Rich Dombey of Rich Designs Inc. shared with SignCraft years ago. We’ve heard from many readers who have… Read More

6 tips for success with architectural letters

Sourcelist: Architectural letters ARK Ramos: Gemini Sign Products: Metal Arts: Steel Arts: When longevity and durability matter, architectural letters… Read More

Stripes and graphics in a small market

For Mike Chamberlin and Mark Kramer, hand lettering led to an interest in pinstriping— as it has for many sign painters. If you… Read More

Lasers lead to new markets

Most of the market for laser-engraved and laser-cut graphics didn’t exist before the laser. It simply wasn’t possible to cut with such precision,… Read More

Designer at work: Peter Poanessa

Peter Poanessa was first featured in SignCraft’s September/October 1991 issue. Back then, he mentioned he loved “going to work every Monday”—and he still… Read More