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More before-and-afters from Rob Cooper

When it’s time to redo a sign, it’s a great opportunity to make it more effective. Rob Cooper, Koh Tao, Thailand, has repainted… Read More

Cover photo: Pearce Jewelers – Peter Poanessa

When Peter Poanessa showed how he fabricates great-looking but lightweight sign structures in “The Keene System: Fabricating strong, lightweight sign structures”, he opened… Read More

A blast from the past: Vintage sign shop photos

If you’re like us here at SignCraft, a photo of a sign shop or a sign painter at work from years ago always… Read More

Cover photo: The Party Store – Bob Behounek

  Electric signs require a bigger budget, so design is even more important if the client wants maximum value for their money. When… Read More

Building a modular monument sign

When you work alone or with one helper, designing a sign that you can put together on site as if it were a… Read More

Cover photo: Andrews Auto Body – Brian Schofield

What’s that arriving at your shop? Another white F-150? Another white Sprinter van? Most of the trucks and vans that get used commercially… Read More

Vintage beer labels hold loads of inspiration

“You know,” says Mark Casey, “sometimes you see something that looks like it would just be so much fun to paint. When that… Read More

Cover photo: Steve’s Mechanic Shop – Chris Dobell

Chris and Stu Dobell are second-generation signwriters, two brothers who served traditional apprenticeships in Australia before moving to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They’re also… Read More

Camouflage the fasteners

“I’ve always gone out of my way to hide any fastener that might hold a sign face to the structure,” says Dayna Reed,… Read More

Cover photo – Mendocino Jewelry Studio – Rick and Megan Sacks

  One of the best ways for a business to set itself apart in the sea of signs made with the help of… Read More

Upgrade your workbench!

Not long ago I purchased a bench at Home Depot that checked most of the boxes I would have wanted for a good… Read More

Cover photo: Carney Roofing – Brian Schofield

Creating a design that is both appealing and appropriate is essential to a successful sign or vehicle project. Nowhere is that more critical… Read More

Signs that surprise the viewer

It’s big and it doesn’t belong up there. It catches you off guard. It may look unusual, ancient or spectacular, but it certainly… Read More

Cover photo: Babes Tap – Ray and Rose Grossi

Let’s hear it for the one-color sign. This black-and-white sign (with a little gray for the prismatic effect) by Ray and Rose Grossi… Read More

More emblem-style truck door graphics from Brian Schofield

There’s a lot more going on in emblem-style graphics than a lot of airbrush work. As Brian Schofield said in “Truck door graphics… Read More

Cover photo: Taylor Chiropractic – Russ Mills

Not every customer can afford a 3D sign with gold leaf lettering, but most still would like a unique look. It’s possible to… Read More

Fabricate an easy ACM sign cabinet

Aluminum composite material gets a lot of use for flat sign panels. But it’s also easy to form it into a dimensional sign… Read More

Cover photo: Country Kitchen, Signs by Van

Dimension always makes a sign more interesting, but when you combine it with interesting colors, texture and a graphic, it really ramps things… Read More

Dimensional blade signs with a twist

Dimensional blade signs have always been a favorite of mine. They offer endless possibilities for creative ideas. We are currently working on a… Read More

Cover photo: Cobra Concrete – RT Signs

Most of the vehicle lettering on the road doesn’t pack much wallop. This trailer by RT Signs, Steinbach, Manitoba, has plenty of impact… Read More