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Signs We’ve Seen: April 2021

Check out this creative sign work by SignCraft’s readers. We’re always interested in seeing your work or photos of great-looking signs you’ve seen…. Read More

Six steps to high-impact vehicle graphics

“We all know that truck lettering delivers the most bang for a client’s advertising buck,” says Braun Bleamer, Jet Signs, Palmerton, PA. It’s… Read More

Follow-up: Ray Sauder

Age: 49 Shop name: Raynbow Signs City: Palmerston, Ontario, Canada Staff: Five plus Ray Shop size: 4800 sq. ft. Graphics equipment: Roland SolJet… Read More

April 2021: Letters

First two monument signs Dear, I am the second generation in my family’s sign company. We started as a wide-format printing company… Read More

Follow-up: Jon Depreter

When Jon Depreter was first featured in SignCraft 17 years ago [May/June 2004], he had a busy one-man shop in New York’s Hudson… Read More

Step-by-step: Making a sandblasted redwood sign

Early last year, an existing client of mine contacted me about upgrading the main ID sign for their apartment complex. They wanted a… Read More

Follow-up: Chris and Debi Lovelady

Shop name: Vital Signs LLC City: Thomasville, Georgia Staff: Five plus Chris and Debi Shop size: 5500 sq. ft. Graphics equipment: HP Latex… Read More

Profile: Max Clark

  Shop Name: MaxSigns City: Bend, Oregon Shop size: 400 sq. ft. Age: 69 Graphics equipment: 24-in. Graphtech / 15-in. Gerber envision plotter… Read More

Tips & Tricks: Legibility and letter size

The seven-second legibility test I fully agree with the sentiments stated by Ken Millar [see Designing signs for legibility: Letter size and Designing… Read More

“Vintage” magnetic signs for a fine old Chevy pickup

After seeing the Beyond the routine magnetic sign feature on last week, Gary Thorsby [Pacific Signs, Eugene, Oregon] sent us a few… Read More

Video: Straighten images with Photoshop’s Perspective Crop tool

Ever get an angled photo from a client that you want to add your proposed drawing of their sign to? Or want to… Read More

Eight ways to create powerful vehicle graphics

A customer just emailed you to say they bought a new truck and want a new design for it—an upgrade from the rather… Read More

Letter a positive message

  Throughout my career, letters and the use of color have played a major role in whatever I did commercially or for fun… Read More

Follow-up: Ray and Rose Grossi

Shop name: Midwest Signworks Size: 2400 sq. ft. Staff: Rose, Ray and Lynn Equipment: 54-in. Roland VersaCAMM Roland 300 vinyl plotter Signlab sign… Read More

Creating a landmark sign bound for the Arctic Circle

We recently received an enquiry from a new client from the far northern reaches of Canada. They were enquiring about a “landmark sign”… Read More

March 2021: Letters

Mike Meyer’s upcoming book: “Sign Painting” Dear SignCraft, Read this article and many more like it with a membership to SignCraft.Already a… Read More

Profile: Ian Macdonald

Shop name: Historic Sign Restorations City: Rochester, New York Age: 60 Staff: Ian plus Scott Knox Shop size: 800 sq. ft. Online:… Read More

Signs We’ve Seen: February 2021

Check out this creative sign work by SignCraft’s readers. We’re always interested in seeing your work or photos of great-looking signs you’ve seen…. Read More

What would this 4×8 sign sell for?

The 4×8 sign is a very common format for most sign shops. Many sign code restrictions limit certain signs to 32 sq. ft…. Read More

Design & Price: Truck and trailer for a landscape company

We gave three top sign designers the following scenario and asked them to do a drawing of the graphics they might have produced… Read More