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Step-by-step – Making a multilayer 3D sign

Router-cut letters on a smooth or textured background give a nice 3-D feel, but layers accent the dimensional effect even more. Dayna Reed… Read More

Q&A: Choose a durable chrome film for vehicle graphics

A reader wants to know: “I’d like to hear what others think is the best chrome film for computer-cut vehicle lettering.” Chrome- or… Read More

Sean Beauchamp: Custom signs on the California coast

Custom sign shops are unusual, creative places. While many businesses buy products and resell them or manufacture a line of products to sell,… Read More

The sign designer controls what gets read—and when

It’s true: a picture—or a simple graphic—is worth 1,000 words. This Instagram post is a great example that carries a powerful message for… Read More

Roger Cox: Back to sign making

Roger Cox waded into the sign business right out of college in 1988, a graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design…. Read More

SignCraft’s Instagram delivers loads of free inspiration

If you’re already an Instagram user, be sure to visit @signcraftmagazine to see over 1500 images of outstanding signs of all types—trucks, 3D, … Read More

6 type tricks that make sign layouts more effective

There’s more to creating an interesting, effective sign layout than grabbing a cool typeface and typing the text into the layout. The spacing,… Read More

Good ideas never go bad. Samples sell!

Over ten years ago I helped teach at a workshop in Indiana. One of my fellow instructors was a creative fellow named Jamie… Read More

Six ways to use the background to energize a layout

When a sign is seen from a distance or is on a vehicle in motion, there’s not much you can do with the… Read More

6 super simple tips that make things a little easier

Keep track of your trimcap adhesive If you make electrical signs, you know how easy it is to forget how many coats of… Read More

Lisa Hutchinson: Custom signs via the web

Lisa Hutchinson remembers the day in 1979 when she walked past the sign painting class at Boston’s Butera School of Art. Shop name:… Read More

More font favorites: Randy Howe

The typefaces you choose for a sign project have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the sign. The font first must be… Read More

3-D signs can grow your business

3D signs pack a lot of appeal and it’s easy to add them to the type of signs you offer. It opens the… Read More

11 tips for savvy sign makers

Way back in the November/December 2003 issue of SignCraft, longtime sign painter Pierre Tardif, Grodines, Quebec, wrote an article, “Thoughts on marketing, promoting… Read More

Give your layout the squint test

Many years ago, SignCraft asked the legendary Chicago sign designer Bob Seelander how to tell if a sign layout was going to work…. Read More

Tips & Tricks: Smart Paint Racks make handling sign panels easier

If you’re short on space, Saker Smart Paint Racks can help. They let you hold sign panels by the edges for painting and… Read More

Do you really need to print at 300dpi?

The short answer is no, according to Doug Downey [The Image Factory, Stratford, Ontario, Canada]. Doug says that many sign designers are working… Read More

Tips & Tricks: Get the right blade for your bandsaw

Don’t use a blade for your workshop bandsaw that’s designed for cutting wood only. A bi-metal blade isn’t that much more expensive and… Read More

10 easy ways to boost your bottom line

It’s a simple fact of business that is easier to increase the value of a sale to an existing customer than it is… Read More

Color ornaments from a century ago: The Modern Sign Writer

I was initially exposed to old sign painting books back in 1982, following my first Letterheads meeting in Boise, Idaho. I saw a… Read More