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Easier sales: Show them what you can do

Time and time again sign people have told us of three things that make selling signs easier: samples on the showroom wall, photographs… Read More

7 ways to ramp up your flat sign designs

Not every customer can afford a 3-D sign, but most like the appeal of dimension. There are plenty of ways to create the… Read More

Nine tips on cutting it in the custom sign business

There are a lot of different types of sign businesses, each aimed at satisfying different markets. In some areas the need for a… Read More

Signs We’ve Seen: August 2022

We’re always interested in seeing your work or photos of great-looking signs that you have seen. Send yours today! Read this article and many… Read More

Here’s what others charge for a window sign like this

Window lettering jobs like this are common in most sign shops—the business name and a graphic at a fairly large size on the… Read More

Bob Parsons: July 2022

There’s more than one way to hide that nasty little flaw on a brand-new sign face, and Bob Parsons, [Bob Parsons/Artist, Anchorage, Alaska}… Read More

Ross Hastie: Traditional sign painting from Scotland

Location: Alloa, Scotland Age: 23 Shop size: 1000 sq. ft. Online: Instagram: @rosshastiesigns Watch Ross on YouTube In 2011, a mother took… Read More

Tips & Tricks: Three steps to successful vehicle prep

Prepping a vehicle before installing vinyl graphics is a simple but essential process that many shops overlook. But proper prep is essential if… Read More

Five design tips you can borrow from effective stock car lettering

When it comes to signage, nothing can look more cluttered than a stock car. There are loads of sponsors who pay to support… Read More

Tips & Tricks: A block and tackle does the lifting

I often use a lightweight block and tackle to do the grunt work of lifting signs. They are easy to use and make… Read More

Selling with the power of before-and-after photos

Nothing shows the difference that effective graphics can make like two simple photos: the before and the after. The person looking at those… Read More

Inbox – July 2022

The ultimate sign shop wallpaper Dear SignCraft, Read this article and many more like it with a membership to SignCraft.Already a Member?… Read More

Bruce Janssen: Custom dimensional signs in Michigan’s North Country

Shop name: The Wood Shop Location: Boyne City, Michigan Shop size: 5000 sq. ft. Age: 75 Staff: Three, plus Bruce Graphics equipment: Precix… Read More

Laying long, straight vinyl stripes

Have you ever been flummoxed having to put a long, straight vinyl line on anything? Me, too. It’s virtually impossible to lay it… Read More

Law enforcement vehicles deserve great graphics

Virtually every community in North America has a fleet, large or small, of vehicles for their law enforcement officers. That adds up to… Read More

Building a landmark: Sprocket the Robot

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally we partner with another sign designer to come up with something truly special. A while back we… Read More

Bob Behounek breaks down ten truck door layouts

“The first thing I think on any sign layout is ‘What do I need to read first?’” says Bob. “Nothing else matters until… Read More

Inbox: June 2022

New international magazine for sign painters Sam Roberts and Better Letters have just launched BLAG, Better Letters Magazine, a print and online magazine… Read More

Signs that don’t shout

Most of the time you probably make sure that a sign’s message has plenty of impact. But not every sign needs to shout—sometimes… Read More

An anchor for a storefront

Sometimes you have an idea before you have a customer for it. That was the case here. Being in a coastal area, there… Read More