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CNC-routed graphics deliver value

These companies offer products for CNC sign production and reach sign pros through SignCraft: CNC equipment AXYZ CAMaster Industries Gerber Scientific… Read More

Organizing and backing up your clipart and photos

More than likely, you have a large inventory of clipart you’ve purchased over the years. But, there’s a catch. The more you buy,… Read More

Overcoming white truck syndrome

If a small business owner needs a new truck and wants to make a good deal on one, it’s probably going to be… Read More

What’s it cost to produce this 26-by-40-in. sign?

Materials: Substrate: $19.33 Cast metallic gold vinyl (4 ft. x 15 in.): $5.71 Cast white vinyl (4 ft. x 15 in.): $5.01 Removable… Read More

Laser-cut T-shirt transfer film

Another of the tasks a laser cutter/engraver excels at is cutting heat transfer stencils for sportswear graphics. The laser’s ability to cut extremely… Read More

Design Clinic: 4×8 for an art gallery

The best laid plans sometimes do not work out well when art and artists are involved. One group specializes in one type of… Read More

Trademark basics: What you need to know

As designers, we share a responsibility in making sure we have a basic understanding of the laws surrounding the creation of artwork and… Read More

A big project done on “island time”

Many projects can seem to take a long time in our shop, but a recently completed job holds the all-time record! They say… Read More

Joel Lunsford

Shop name: Lunsford Sign Works Shop size: 5000 sq. ft. Staff: Joel and Janette Lunsford Age: 46 Graphics equipment: Multicam 5 x 10… Read More

Designer at work: Karen Souza

Over 40 years ago, Karen Souza started creating a market for her brand of vehicle lettering in and around the small town of… Read More

Shane Kenny

Shop name: Suncity Signs & Graphics Shop size: 2100 sq. ft. Staff: 3 full-time, 2 part-time Age: 34 Graphics equipment: Roland VS 640i,… Read More

Design & Price: 4×8 real estate sign

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they… Read More


Bill Riedel 1928–2018 Bill Riedel, the “de facto grandfather” of the Walldogs, and the owner of Riedel Sign Co. (Little Ferry, New Jersey)… Read More

Shop Trucks

Send us a photo of your shop truck today at or to SignCraft, P.O. Box 60031, Fort Myers, FL 33906. Read this… Read More

Signs We’ve Seen

We’d like to see your work! …or photos of signs you’ve seen. Email them today to or mail to SignCraft, PO Box… Read More

Tips & Tricks

Get a good deal on a Wacom tablet One of the handiest tools for a sign designer is a Wacom digitizing tablet. If… Read More

Quality signs call for dependable finishes

1Shot Paints Lettering and bulletin enamels, background finishes, specialty finishes Akzo Nobel Base coat/clear coat paint system and single-stage finishes Alsa… Read More

Plenty of lines for a fine old Ford

When this customer first called me about pinstriping his truck, he told me he was about two hours from my shop and wanted… Read More

Product mockups are a powerful sales tool

Imagine being able to show a client a variety of end products using their logo without having to actually print, cut or manufacture… Read More

Creative briefs speed the design process

As designers, we’re often tasked with trying to create an image and brand for businesses. It’s a balance of trying to figure out… Read More