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Profile: Scott Martin

Earlier this month, we told readers of the October 2020 passing of Scott Martin, an outstanding sign maker from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Scott… Read More

Working with glyphs and special characters in Photoshop

In this first video feature on, Mike Jackson takes you step-by-step through the process of using Photoshop functions that let you use… Read More

The key to pricing your work accurately

Two of the most difficult things about owning your own sign shop is how to determine your true shop costs and handle pricing…. Read More

Lettering and striping are essential to a restoration project

Long before I began my apprenticeship in the sign industry, visual communications were seen all over town. I’m sure most were hand-painted. They… Read More

Signs of Sanibel Island: Revisited

As many of you know, SignCraft Magazine was born in our 1500-sq.-foot commercial sign shop in Fort Myers, Florida, in 1980. The plan… Read More

January 2021: Letters

Terry Wells’ passing, mural pricing, very basic signage Thanks for the messages and calls We have received loads of messages and calls since… Read More

Is lack of negative space crippling your layouts?

About three years ago, I sent some photos to my good friend Lane Walker of Solo Signs in Reno, Nevada. I got a… Read More

Shop Trucks

Send us a photo of your shop truck today at or to SignCraft, P.O. Box 60031, Fort Myers, FL 33906. Read this… Read More

Brad Johnson

Shop size: 680 sq. ft. Age: 61 Graphics equipment: FlexiSign Pro software Adobe Creative Suite Affinity Designer 24-in. Roland CAMM-1 cutter Epson Stylus… Read More

Signs We’ve Seen

We’d like to see your work!…or photos of signs you’ve seen. Email them today to or mail to SignCraft, PO Box 60031,… Read More

Doyle Rogers

Shop name: Art-FX Shop size: 8000 sq. ft. Staff: 3 full-time, 2 part-time Age: 38 Graphics equipment: HP latex 365 digital printer Royal… Read More

Taking advantage of the power of 3D

After the feature, CNC routers mean new opportunities, in the September/October 2020 issue, we had so many great examples of 3D signs done… Read More

The San Jose Style: The Bay Area approach to sign design

Before the Internet made it easy to see signs from all over the country—and the world—sign design often developed regional styles. Chicago’s painted… Read More

SignCraft moves from print to online

41 years ago this month we sent a letter to 1000 sign shops about our plans to publish a magazine for sign painters… Read More

Tips & Tricks

Have a tip to share? Be a part of SignCraft! Share your favorite shortcuts, gadgets used in your shop and other time-savers. Email… Read More

Remembering Mike Lavallee

The world of pinstriping and vehicle graphics has had its share of pioneers—those who developed a style or technique that seemed to become… Read More

Finding your pinstriping style

How did you find your pinstriping style? Is it based on the old Von Dutch traditional pinstriping? Is it based on the style… Read More

Put Photoshop’s scrubby sliders to work

There is seldom a day I use Photoshop that I don’t take advantage of the many “Scrubby sliders” scattered throughout the program. They… Read More

Adding a benchtop CNC router

I recently purchased a small benchtop CNC router for my shop. I often need to have letters cut or a small background panel… Read More

Save those good ideas for later

About fifteen years ago we first came up with the idea to create a submersible-shaped feature like the famed Okanagan Lake monster named… Read More