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Using structural frames for high-density urethane signs

One popular method of strengthening high-density urethane (HDU) sign panels is to laminate the sign face to another substrate to get the structural… Read More

Moving from sign shop to marketing firm

Here at SignCraft, we frequently hear from sign makers who find their business changing. Some are seeing it start to happen on its… Read More

What’s it cost to produce these three jobsite signs?

A local construction company that’s just starting out needed a few basic jobsite signs. They had a few remodeling jobs underway, but were… Read More

Quality design is no secret

Mark Yearwood, Yearwood Signs & Graphics, Weatherford, Oklahoma We all know someone who seems to have been born with a “silver spoon in… Read More

Hand lettering a vintage boat

I live in North Wales, not far from a popular tourist attraction, called the Llangollen Canal. Originally used as a means of shipping… Read More

Mockups sell designs

More tips to help you get the logo approved Communication: Have conversations up front about who their new logo should be targeting. Find out… Read More

How to get sign code variances

So your client needs more or bigger signs than the sign code allows. Or signs closer to the road. Or a different type… Read More

What’s it cost to produce this way-finding sign?

One of the hardest-working types of signs is the everyday way-finding sign that guides people through a building or around a campus. They… Read More

Design & Price: Box truck graphics

In every issue, SignCraft gave a few sign makers an imaginary project. We asked them to do a sketch of the sign they… Read More

Think before you compress or extend that font

Choosing the correct font can be an overwhelming task for the professional designer. When faced with the ever-growing list of fonts to choose… Read More

Know your substrate options

It takes creativity to decipher what a customer really wants or needs, creativity to come up with a design, and creativity to make… Read More

What’s it cost to produce four 2-by-3-ft. sandblasted signs?

I did my first sandblasted signs back in 1973 at Cal Neon in San Diego, the first sign shop I worked in. I… Read More

20 years, 20 tips

In the summer of 1995, I officially registered my business, opened a business checking account, bought some paint and a plotter, and started… Read More

Put shades, shadows and outlines to work

Back in sign painting days, the most common way to add some appeal to lettering was to add a shade or shadow. Customers… Read More

Troubleshooting common layout problems

The first Letterheads event that I attended in Elkhart, Indiana, was a real eye-opener for me. I was in awe of the beautiful… Read More

Design & Price: 4-by-8-ft. real estate sign

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they… Read More

Effective layouts begin in black and white

When starting a design, I forget about color—at least temporarily. There are too many other variables to keep track of. Your personality, the… Read More

What’s it cost to produce this double-faced 4-by-8-ft. sign?

When this customer stopped in, I could tell he was looking for something more than your basic 4-by-8 sign. He’s a farmer and… Read More

Fabricate signs from aluminum composite material

After I read Curt Nelson’s article, “Step-by-step: Building monument cabinet signs,” in the May/June 2010 issue, I began experimenting with aluminum composite material… Read More

Hidden hardware keeps this installation a secret

While working on a large sandblasted sign for a local restaurant, I kept trying to think of an easy, unobtrusive way to assemble… Read More