How to update your Payment Method for Subscriptions

Updating your credit card involves two steps. First you add the new credit card and make it your default payment method. Next, you update your membership order to use the new credit card. Here’s how to do it:

Once you go to the site and log in, click on My Account up in the black bar at the top of the screen. On the screen that opens, choose “Payment Methods”:

At the next screen, click on “Add Payment Method”:

Enter your new credit card info:

After you click “Add Payment Method” it takes you back to the previous screen. There you can set your new card as default with the “Make Default” button and use the “Delete” button to get rid of the old card:

Now, click on “Subscriptions” in the gray bar under My Account:

On the next screen, choose “View” for the Active subscription:

Click on “Change Payment”:

On the next screen, click the button for “Credit Card,” check the “Update the payment method for all my current subscriptions” then click “Change Payment Method.”

The screen will refresh and you’ll see the order with the last four digits of the new credit card: