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Put the power of layers to work

February 6th, 2019 by

The world of signs, it seems, is mostly flat. Printed graphics can do a lot to simulate dimension, but still nothing beats the… Read More

Six reasons to trust your sign designer

January 9th, 2019 by

This space usually features ideas for creative sign makers, but this time it’s about how to cash in on the great value that… Read More

A proven way to boost your profits

December 14th, 2018 by

Thirty years ago, Mike Jackson wrote an article called Price your work on three levels for easier sales for SignCraft. Those two pages… Read More

Make the logo into an emblem

December 4th, 2018 by

There’s something interesting and appealing about the look of an emblem. It looks permanent, official and powerful. It makes a strong statement and… Read More

Before-and-after examples mean faster, easier sales

November 7th, 2018 by

Before-and-after examples may be the fastest way to educate customers and gain their confidence during the sales process. It may be before-and-after photos… Read More

Two monitors are better than one

October 18th, 2018 by

Small changes sometimes deliver big savings in efficiency. One example of that is using dual monitors on your computer. It may seem like… Read More

Tighten up the spacing

September 20th, 2018 by

Let’s face it. Many signs just aren’t as easy to read as they could be. They aren’t as legible or visually strong as… Read More

How others get paid for sign design

August 24th, 2018 by

We recently asked readers of our Trade Secrets e-letter if and how they charged for sign design. The survey was sparked by a… Read More

Do others charge for sign design?

August 8th, 2018 by

The other day, we got an interesting email from a reader about a topic we’ve heard about many times before: Why do many… Read More

Download the plans for this terrific shop cart

June 27th, 2018 by

There’s nothing easy or fun about lugging 4×8 sheets of sign materials around the shop. The heavier the substrate (and the older you… Read More