What would you get for this 4×8 sign?

By SignCraft Magazine

Posted on Thursday, August 13th, 2015

“We offer PVC posts in place of 4×4 treated wood posts at $175 for the pair.”

“I’d use 6mm aluminum composite panels. The top third of the graphics would be a digital print with laminate, and the bottom copy would be cut vinyl.”

“Future work doesn’t always happen, so I can offer a discount at end of job—not on a promise.”

“My price includes framing, which was not mentioned in the description. I normally use a 1-in.-square aluminum tube on each side. Materials and labor for this accounts for about $250 of the cost of the project.”

“I estimate the installation time on a $90 per hour basis, as you cannot know the digging conditions beforehand. I would give an installation cost of $295, including cement if deemed necessary, but if the buyer insists on a set cost, I will typically add an additional 50%.”

“We would use digitally printed vinyl with UV laminate applied to 10mm ACM. It would be mounted to 11-ft. 4×4 pressure-treated posts with PVC sleeves/ball cap by means of 1 ½-in. aluminum angle and stainless steel hardware.”

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