Bob Stephens, Skywatch Signs, Zephyrhills, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida, signmaker not known
Chris Lovelady, Vital Sign LLC, Thomasville, Georgia
Dave Correll, Brushwork Signs, Faribault, Minnesota
Rob Cooper, Koh Tao, Thailand
Russ Mills, Russ Mills Art & Sign, Pineville, Kentucky
Todd Hanson, Hanson Graphix, Wauseon, Ohio
Todd Hanson, Hanson Graphix, Wauseon, Ohio
Todd Hanson, Hanson Graphix, Wauseon, Ohio

Boring rectangle? Cut it out!

By signcraft

Posted on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

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Sign substrates come in nice neat rectangles. Panel cutters and table saws precisely cut them into smaller rectangles. It’s quick and easy—but does the sign really have to be a rectangle?

Cutting a sign panel into a shape is an easy way to add interest to a sign. It’s simple, too—a few minutes with a scroll saw or the help of a CNC router can transform an otherwise routine rectangle into a unique sign panel.

There are plenty of ways to put shape to work. Start with an interesting shape in mind. Or, design a panel shape that fits the silhouette of the lettering. Maybe let the lettering or a panel appear to “bump off” the sign by cutting a portion of it out.

A shape can add a lot to the image or feel you’re trying to create, be it traditional, contemporary, eclectic, elegant or punchy. Rectangles are expected, commonplace, even boring—there’s something visually interesting about a shape.

Sometimes it seems that shapes are reserved for 3D signage. But just because it’s flat doesn’t mean it has to be a rectangle. Why not upgrade a flat sign—and upsell the shape? A few samples of the same sign on a rectangle and cut to shape may be all you need. “For a little more, we can cut the sign to shape like you see on the wall, and make your sign even more interesting…”

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