Give ’em a sticker and sell more signs

By signcraft

Posted on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

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Here’s an easy-to-use tip that Rich Dombey of Rich Designs Inc. shared with SignCraft years ago. We’ve heard from many readers who have put it to use with great results. It not only helps build your relationship with your customers, but it can lead to great secondary sales.

Rich does a lot of trucks and trailers for contractors and landscapers, and usually designs their logo. With the invoice, he gives the client a small sticker with their logo on it—just about six inches wide, printed and contour cut. He tells them he’s sure they’ll find somewhere to stick it, and lets them know he can make more if they need them.

Often he gets a call from the customer the next day, ordering fifty or a hundred stickers. They use them on equipment, storage boxes and ladders. Digital printing makes it easy—even for relatively short runs.

“I’d rather do stickers than wraps any day,” he says, laughing. “No installation! You print them and they pick them up. Amazingly, one of those free stickers led to an order for 10,000 stickers.

“It’s such an easy thing to offer, and all you really have to do is give them one. They can stick them everywhere, and they love that.”

Along with this great tip, we thought you’d enjoy seeing some of Rich’s recent projects!

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