Braun Bleamer, Jet Signs, Palmerton, Pennsylvania
Braun Bleamer, Jet Signs, Palmerton, Pennsylvania
Braun Bleamer, Jet Signs, Palmerton, Pennsylvania
Andy Stroh, ACS Graphics, Fremont, Indiana
Brad Getter, Megagraphics, Eureka, California
Chris Bourgeios, Bourgeois Sign & Design, Yarmouth, Maine
David Hassan, Hassan Sign Co., Cohassett, Massachusetts

Add a layer, up the value

By signcraft

Posted on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

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Suppose there was one production technique that you could use to add 35% or more to the value of a sign. The same customer, the same layout—just one additional step that would turn a $1000 sign into a $1350 sign, or a $500 job into a $700 job. There is—you can do that by cutting the sign to shape and adding one simple layer.

Adding a layer creates dimension, which draws the viewer’s eye—and it results in a sign with a higher perceived value in the customer’s eye. It can be just an appliqué of a graphic or a logo, or maybe it’s a simple panel, or the primary copy. When you start with a layout that would already have been a success as a flat or printed sign, adding a layer and a shape can ramp up the value and appeal of a sign dramatically.

“A sign that is cut to an interesting shape or has some dimension to it is far more valuable than the standard, flat rectangular sign,” says Brad Getter, Eureka, California. “It’s more interesting to the viewer’s eye than all the rectangular signs around it. Customers like that—they’re amazed that you can do it. And it really doesn’t take that much effort.”

A layer and a shape steps the sign out of the flat, rectangular sign rut. All of a sudden, the customer realizes that their sign looks different. It’s custom. It’s unique. It gives them extra advertising value for just a small increase in cost.

With a little bit of creativity and a little bit more in the budget, the customer gets a sign with a lot more appeal. Full 3D graphics, cool background textures and incise carved letters look great, but not every customer has the budget for that. There’s no reason that a flat sign should be their only other option. Just adding a cutout, or a layer, can go a long way to creating a sign that stands out.

It’s a value for the sign shop, too. If you know how to create the magic that delivers much more advertising value for your customer, the 35% or more that it adds to the selling price lets you increase your sales volume without having to find another customer, come up with another design and make another sale.

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