Dean Jones, Arden, North Carolina
Jake Flurer Jake Lettering & Design, Denver, North Carolina
Neil Davey Neil Davey Signs & Art Limited, Wales, United Kingdom
Todd Hanson Hanson Graphix, Wauseon, Ohio
Brian Gavek Gavek Graphics, Centre Hall, Pennsylvania
Dave Correll Brushwork Signs, Faribault, Wisconsin

Shop vehicles that get customers calling

By signcraft

Posted on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

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As sign people, we talk about image with our customers all the time. We don’t, though, always take a close look at our own. It’s hard to find time to work on your own graphics when you’re busy doing everyone else’s, and it’s easy to overlook the most powerful advertising value available to any small business: your shop truck.

“When I had my shop in Pennsylvania,” says Jake Flurer, Jake Lettering & Design, Denver, North Carolina, “I never lettered my trucks because everyone knew me. But when we opened our shop here in North Carolina, I knew I had to be more visible. Even though I sell a lot of vehicle lettering, it still sometimes surprises me when I see how well our shop vehicle works. You park somewhere and the next thing you know, someone wants to talk about their sign.

“Just the other day, Janet, my wife, took our shop car to the post office. As she was leaving, someone started tapping on the side window. He wanted to talk about a storefront sign. She had him follow her back to the shop, and we ended up doing his sign. Quite a few of our customers have found us thanks to our vehicle graphics.”

There are plenty of approaches you can take to the graphics on your shop vehicle. Many use bold graphics and wraps; others prefer clean, professional lettering for an understated look. The important thing, though, is to make that critical, positive impression with your shop vehicles. No graphics, or weak graphics, send the wrong message if you’re trying to sell the power of effective vehicle graphics to your customers.

If your truck is bare and going to waste or your image needs an update, browse through the Shop Trucks pages from past issues of SignCraft to get some inspiration. Click the Article Index tab on and enter “Shop Trucks” in the keyword field.

We’d also like to see your great-looking shop trucks. Email the images to today. Thanks!

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