Here’s what others charge to install a 4×8 real estate sign photo

Here’s what others charge to install a 4×8 real estate sign

By signcraft

Posted on Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

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Sometimes it can take more time to install a sign than it does to make it. Our previous article, Here’s what others get for a 4×8 real estate sign, shared what over 300 sign business owners would charge to produce a 4×8 real estate sign on aluminum composite material, similar to this one done by Randy Howe of

Now for the installation estimates. We also asked these sign makers what they would charge to install the same sign on two 4×4 posts about 20 minutes from their shop. This sort of actual pricing data is hard to find anywhere, and we hope it’s helpful for your estimating strategy.

For all respondents, the average estimated installation cost for a 4×8 sign like this one was $227—over half the estimated selling price of the sign itself.

Here’s how the estimates for installation broke down by price range:

8% of those would charge under $100
37% would charge $100 to $198
32% would charge $200 to $298
10% would charge $300 to $398
11% would charge over $400

4% said they do not do installations. They either subcontract that or leave it up to the customer.

As expected, installation prices were higher for those shops in large cities, at an average of $255. The price fell slightly in suburban areas to $243, then again in small towns to $224. The average for shops in rural areas was $211.

Most of the shop owners who participated in the survey were well established—79% had been in the business for 10 or more years. As for shop size, 46% had one or no employees, 33% had two to four employees, and 20% had five or more employees.

Here’s a sampling of the comments of the participants, grouped by topic.

“I would base the installation on three hours at $150 per hour, plus $50 for materials.”

“At $240 for the installation, I would use 10-ft.-long untreated posts, unpainted, buried 3-ft. deep.”

“We are in a very windy area. The installation price of $235 includes two 4x4x10 pressure-treated wood posts, two 2x4x8 stringers, and installation at 36-in. minimum depth holes.”

“The treated posts with PVC sleeves would be $200, and installation $225.”

“I’d charge $165 for the installation and would put three 2x4x8 backers on the posts to support the sign.”

“I usually provide an estimated price for installation. New England soil is a rocky mess, making the time for post hole digging a variable. I will end up charging for actual time and materials.”

“We would charge $95 to install this, plus $57.20 for two 4x4x10 pressure-treated posts and an additional $36.40 to paint them.”

“We do not install signs. I have a local handyman do it.”

“Installation would be $145, mounted on two 4x4x10 posts, plus $34 each if they wanted the posts painted.”

“We usually have an installer for these signs so that our graphics people don’t spend time digging holes.”

“I’d charge $350 to install, because 3mm ACM remote install requires two 4x4x10s, two 2x4x8 stabilizers and a 4×8 backer of OSB or plywood.”

“Installation would be $204 for two men, plus $46 for the poles and hardware.”

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