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By signcraft

Posted on Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

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One thing you never have enough of in the sign business is fresh ideas and design inspiration. You’re constantly pressed to come up with new layouts, designs and color combinations—usually on short deadlines. We’ve delivered those great ideas in SignCraft for almost 40 years, and lately we’ve been using Instagram to deliver a daily shot-in-the-arm to creative sign makers via their smartphones.

Instagram works great for sign photos because it’s so fast and to the point (and free, of course.) You get a photo and a caption with a few key details on the sign. Along with SignCraft you can follow other top sign designers who share their work as well. It’s a great resource and it’s easy to use.

If you’re already an Instagram user, you can find us at @signcraftmagazine. If you’re not, it’s easy to get started with Instagram. First, go to either the Google Play Store (for Android users) or Apple’s App Store (for iPhone users) and download the app.

If you’re a Facebook user, simply download the app on your phone, open it and choose the Log In With Facebook option.

Otherwise, you can set up a new Instagram account using either your phone number or email address, then create your username and password. If you plan to use Instagram primarily for your business, go to Settings, then scroll down to Switch to Business Account. Add the information on your business, such as store hours, business address and a phone number. If you’d rather use Instagram from your computer, you can also log into on any browser to create your account. You can also view Instagram on your computer this way.

Instagram is a good way to stay in touch with prospects and customers, but its greatest benefit for sign makers may be getting that idea that you need to spark your next design.

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