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By signcraft

Posted on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019

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Installing a sign that is mounted on two posts is a fairly routine project in the sign world. Being able to do that quickly and easily is an important installation skill. Even if you let customers handle the installation, you still want them to get the job done successfully.

Larry Elliott, Elliott Design, has been making and installing signs for over 50 years. His approach to installing a sign on two posts—without taking it in and out of the holes several times to level it—is easy and professional.

“Over the years, I’ve been amazed at the number of people who don’t know the easy way to level two post holes,” says Larry. “I’ve taught this approach to plenty of helpers over the years, and now that I’ve retired from installing signs, I still often supervise my customers or the help they provide as they handle their own installations.

“Most of our custom signs up to 4-by-8-ft. are constructed as a unit, with the posts attached. Watching people dig holes and set the sign only to find that it’s not level, then lift the whole sign out of the ground to fix one hole, is a bit comical at first, but it’s a real waste of time and labor.

“Leveling the bottoms of the holes first saves a lot of time. Many sign makers may already use this procedure, but this may help those who weren’t taught it or haven’t figured it out on their own.”

Larry no longer does installations—that part of the sign project is now up to his clients. So he put an instruction sheet together for clients to show that he is still concerned about the installation of their sign, even though he can’t always be there to instruct those who they hire on how to install it easily and properly. With these simple instructions, any novice capable of using basic hand tools should be able to install a post-and-panel sign easily on their first try.

You can download the PDF version of his flyer here.

“Print it to give to your customers,” says Larry, “or even part-time help that you use for installations. I hope it saves you—and them—time and frustration.”

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