What would this 4×8 sign sell for?

By signcraft

Posted on Monday, February 22nd, 2021

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Mark Fair, Mark Fair Signs, Montgomery, Alabama

Almost every sign shop makes 4×8 signs. The uncut panel fits the square footage requirements of many sign codes, and they are efficient to produce, since an entire sheet of substrate is used. So—what do you charge for one?

We asked Trade Secrets readers what they would charge to do a mid-level 4×8 like the drawing you see here. Thanks to the over 370 sign professionals who participated, we have some very interesting information on pricing this very common sign product.

Here’s an overview of the average prices of all who responded:

Design and produce the 4×8: $602

Produce sign from customer art: $514

Installation: $276

How the prices break out

The first question was what you would charge to produce an interesting layout for a 4×8 sign with a colored background and make the sign. There was a wide range of prices, but about 60% fell between $450 and $750.

The second question asked what you would charge if the customer provided this design and wanted you just to produce the sign. The vast majority, 73%, came in between $300 and $600.

What about installation prices

When we asked what they would charge to install the sign on the wood front of the customer’s building, 30 minutes from your shop, 60% of the estimates range between $150 and $300.

How they would make it

A digital print on aluminum composite material was the way most of the shop owners who participated would produce the sign. 62% of the respondents said they would make the graphics as a digital print. 26% would use cut vinyl. Almost three quarters, 72%, would make the sign on aluminum composite material. Overlaid plywood came in second at about 18%.

Learn more

SignCraft.com members can take a closer look at the data here. You can see breakdowns on commercial vs. full-service sign shops who participated, experience level, staff size, market served and their comments—great information that will help you accurately determine how your pricing fits in. Become a member today!

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