What’s it cost to produce this partial vehicle wrap?

By Rich Hailstone

Posted on Friday, November 12th, 2021

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Film, laminate and ink: $455

Cut vinyl and premask: $43

Total: $498


Set up and panel artwork: 1 hour

Production: 5 hours

Vehicle prep (one person): 3 hours

Installation (two people, four hours each): 8 hours

Total time: 17 hours

After discussing the different production options with this client, we decided that a partial wrap, with cut vinyl for the primary copy, would achieve the results he wanted while staying within his budget. The client already had a great design that I could easily adapt to a partial wrap, so it was a pretty straightforward project.

I asked for the layered Photoshop files of the design so that I could make the adjustments necessary to fit it to the vehicle. I also needed to separate the elements that I planned on doing with cut vinyl, and to remove elements that I didn’t want printed into the wrap.

The client was happy and we ended up wrapping a second vehicle with the same design. The other vehicle was similar but slightly smaller, so some minor modifications to the design were necessary. Overall, it took about the same time as this vehicle.

Rich Hailstone’s shop, Dr. Wraps, is in Canton, Ohio.

This article appeared in the July/August 2011 issue of SignCraft. The prices have been adjusted for inflation.

Set up and panel artwork: 1 hour  Here I’m using FlexiSign Pro to crop the artwork and nest the panels to send to the printer/cutter. I used Photoshop to modify the client’s files as required.

Production: 5 hours  Print, laminate and prepare cut vinyl. We allowed the prints to outgas 72 hours before laminating and gave the laminate 24 hours to bond to the base film.

Prep and installation: 11 hours  Here Mike is applying the side portion of the digital print. We installed the back first, paying special attention to matching the side and rear grass images so that it would have a wraparound look when viewed from various angles.

Here’s the truck, completed and ready to go.

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