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Design Clinic: Freestanding sign for a nursery

I was heading to the store the other day when I spotted a very plain, uninteresting sign. Normally I zip right by signage… Read More

Design Clinic: Monument sign

This design clinic is an example of a familiar problem, like many of the others we have worked on recently. Certainly there is… Read More

Design Clinic: Storefront banner

Unlike the other signs I have redesigned in previous Design Clinics, this one does not have the usual white background. Rather, our subject… Read More

Design Clinic: Storefront 4-by-8

Not so long, when we talked about “classic signs” we meant something unique and special. But the project for this Design Clinic is… Read More

Design Clinic: Storefront sign

As I travel around town, my hope of finding signage that creates interest and intrigue is dwindling. The overall lack of design leaves… Read More