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Design & Price: Graphics for a 16-ft. trailer

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5 steps to more effective truck lettering

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Letters and the power of contrast

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What’s it cost to install acrylic letters on this monument sign?

Materials: ½-by-12-in. acrylic letters – $258.34 Shipping of letters – $37.99 Installation pattern – $32.40 Silicone: one tube – $5.98 Two 1/8-in. masonry… Read More

Letter the truck, not just the doors

Surely the most captivating thing about a vehicle wrap is that it turns the whole truck into a sign. But not every small… Read More

Letter the truck — not just the doors

The traditional approach to truck lettering has long been to treat the door as the format. Maybe that’s because for years trucks had… Read More

Patrick Smith of Orange, California

Patrick Smith was first featured in SignCraft in January/February 1985, at the dawn of the computer age. Patrick went on to use the… Read More

John Deaton of Ages Brookside, Kentucky

John Deaton was first featured in the May/June 2000 issue of SignCraft. In 2012, John switched from signs to freelance illustration for a… Read More

Special effects can add a lot to the lettering

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Profile: Juan Carlos Aguilar

I began painting signs in 1997, but my love for lettering began way before I ever painted a sign. I was introduced to… Read More