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I don’t have time right now…

Professional salespeople are given one task in life: Sell their company’s products or services. They apply all their skills, education, experience and research… Read More

Nobody buys signs— they buy solutions

A buyer’s concept is the belief of what your service or products will be able to do for them—not what it will do… Read More

Deliver on your promises

During every prospect or client sales opportunity, we make promises. It may be about a call back, future appointment, product delivery quality or… Read More

Nice sign, but what did it sell for?

Ever see a photo of a great-looking sign in Trade Secrets or SignCraft magazine and wonder what it would sell for? You’re not… Read More

Those who listen close the sale

Good listening pays off Really listening can: • Persuade, motivate, guide • Control a prospect’s purchasing efforts • Inflate the prospect’s pride •… Read More

Follow-up: David and Robin McDonald

Robin and David McDonald were first featured in the July/August 1993 issue of SignCraft. They opened Avila Sign & Design in 1985 with… Read More

How to save a sign sale

Closing a sale is easy when the customer seems positive, then says something like, “That sounds good…” after hearing the price. But what… Read More

Engage the client as a person, not a prospect

You just got off the phone with a friend, who told you that they happened to see a competitor’s crew, installing a large… Read More

Closing the sale

No matter what you sell, be it cigars, signs, water hoses or whatever, successful salespeople ask for the order. Sign makers are no… Read More