Vinyl Length Estimator
Ever wonder how much vinyl is left on that roll? All you need is a dial caliper and our online estimator. You can get an inexpensive dial caliper at discount hardware stores and on Amazon. They’re very easy to use. You can learn how to read a dial caliper online, at sites like this one.

Use the dial caliper to take these three simple measurements and then enter those three values in the form below. You'll see a fairly accurate estimate of how much film remains on the roll.
Step 1:
First, measure the thickness of the film, with the liner. It should be somewhere between 7 and 13 mils (which are thousandths of an inch.)
Step 2:
Next, carefully measure the outside diameter of the roll.
Step 3:
Finally, measure the cardboard core, which is usually 3.25 inches. Remember to read the outer edge of the cardboard roll where the vinyl attaches — not the inner core.
1. Material Thickness (mils): 2. Outside diameter of roll (inches): 3. Outside diameter of core (inches):

Many thanks to Brad Getter of Megagraphics for this great tip!