Install small dimensional letters as if they were vinyl graphics

I’ve done a lot of different sign work over the past 30 years, and one thing that was always kind of tedious was... Read More

Design & Price: 4-by-12-ft. banner

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More

Intuitive design connects with the viewer

“Design is intuitive, but intuition follows natural laws. To design intuitively is not to lose control but to guide unconsciously.” Jonathan Hale, The... Read More

Seven sign industry challenges—and how to capitalize on them

Why sell design? Helps distinguish your shop among competitors Puts focus on the importance of design rather than the physical aspect of signage.... Read More

What’s it cost to produce these police car graphics?

Occasionally, I am approached with the task of designing graphics for police patrol cars. Even though this is not a job that I... Read More

Choosing the right typeface

Which typefaces would you take to a desert island? Every designer has his or her favorite typefaces—ones that are so useful and so... Read More

Using structural frames for high-density urethane signs

One popular method of strengthening high-density urethane (HDU) sign panels is to laminate the sign face to another substrate to get the structural... Read More

Moving from sign shop to marketing firm

Here at SignCraft, we frequently hear from sign makers who find their business changing. Some are seeing it start to happen on its... Read More

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Bruce Janssen: Custom dimensional signs in Michigan’s North Country

Shop name: The Wood Shop Location: Boyne City, Michigan Shop size: 5000 sq. ft. Age: 75 Staff: Three, plus Bruce Graphics equipment: Precix... Read More

Laying long, straight vinyl stripes

Have you ever been flummoxed having to put a long, straight vinyl line on anything? Me, too. It’s virtually impossible to lay it... Read More

Law enforcement vehicles deserve great graphics

Virtually every community in North America has a fleet, large or small, of vehicles for their law enforcement officers. That adds up to... Read More

Building a landmark: Sprocket the Robot

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally we partner with another sign designer to come up with something truly special. A while back we... Read More

Bob Behounek breaks down ten truck door layouts

“The first thing I think on any sign layout is ‘What do I need to read first?’” says Bob. “Nothing else matters until... Read More

Inbox: June 2022

New international magazine for sign painters Sam Roberts and Better Letters have just launched BLAG, Better Letters Magazine, a print and online magazine... Read More

Signs that don’t shout

Most of the time you probably make sure that a sign’s message has plenty of impact. But not every sign needs to shout—sometimes... Read More

An anchor for a storefront

Sometimes you have an idea before you have a customer for it. That was the case here. Being in a coastal area, there... Read More

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