A-frames make a great add-on sale

Signs are the best advertising value going, and smart sign shops look for every chance to help their client get the advertising they... Read More

Layout principles set your signs apart

Way too many signs produced today fall into a category best described as monotonous. If we look up the word in the dictionary,... Read More

Design & Price: Van lettering

For every issue, SignCraft gave a few sign makers an imaginary project. We asked them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More

Scale your graphics for the viewing distance

One of the reasons many people come to our shop for a sign is that they like our painted and/or sculpted pictorials. An... Read More

Proper shading brings lettering to the forefront

I’m often amazed at certain uses of drop shadows that I see on logos and lettering jobs. So many seem to miss the... Read More

What’s it cost to produce this monument sign?

The great football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.”... Read More

Five sign layout pitfalls to avoid

Every sign maker knows there’s room for improvement in his or her layout skills. Learning the art of creative, effective sign layout is... Read More

What’s it cost to produce these trailer graphics?

Have you ever had one of those big trucks or trailers pull up in front of the shop, and you wanted to run... Read More

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Infills on CNC routing add texture and create interest

One of the techniques Dayna Reed [creator of the 3D Signs Made Easy and the More Super Cool 3D Signs videos] has used... Read More

Cover photo: Leaf Greenhouse – Rob Cooper

  You could do a different sign for this greenhouse, but it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful one than this sign by... Read More

Cover photo: Flanders Fire Dept. – Jim Fetten

In January 2021 we posted an interesting article by Jim Fetten, Fetten Sign Company, Jamesport, New York, on how he did gold emblems... Read More

Rob Cooper: 8 signs before-and-after

Before-and-after photos are a great way to see how a designer makes a sign more effective. Rob Cooper, Koh Tao, has had plenty... Read More

Cover photo: Floral Culture – Scott Martin

Scott Martin was an outstanding sign maker from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, who passed in October of 2020. We had been planning a feature... Read More

2024 Reader Survey – What is your minimum shop charge?

One of the questions we asked in our recent Reader Survey was, “Do you have a minimum shop charge and if so, how... Read More

Cover photo: F&B Oyster Co., Sanibel Island, Florida

Like many readers, one of the things we here at SignCraft miss about the print edition of the magazine was the cover photo.... Read More

How to do an easy hand carved background

Hard carving the background on HDU signs is a unique effect that can add a lot of interest—and it’s easy. Dayna Reed, creator... Read More

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