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Practice pays off

The benefits of practice—and the pitfalls of not practicing

Substrate roundup: Balancing cost and performance

Knowing your options helps you get the most value from the materials

Creating textured letters with Gorilla Glue polyurethane glue

Materials: Gorilla Glue No. 11 X-Acto knife Paper mixing cup, stirring sticks 2-by-4-in. corrugated plastic scraps Gold leaf Createx Pure Pigment Paint mask... Read More

Help your clients get free social media marketing

High impact graphics create photo opportunities that deliver great exposure online

Design Clinic: Sandblasted entry sign makeover

This condo sign is ready for an updated design

Before and after: Three redesigned truck wraps

A look inside our approach to rebranding

Use these templates to build panelized layouts

Panels help you organize copy and create appealing sign designs

Designer at work: Randy Howe

Randy Howe’s shop, Getzum Exposure, is in the small town of Port Dover on the shores of Lake Erie. It’s a small town... Read More

Stripes & Graphics: Ken Klim

Lafayette, Indiana

Profile: Danny Dean

Rice Lake, Wisconsin

Profile: Donna Larocque

Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada

What’s it cost to produce this truck lettering?

Multi-color cut vinyl film delivers durable truck lettering

Design & Price: Tow truck lettering

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More

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We’d like to see your shop vehicles!


Who needs dimensions? Dear SignCraft, Thought you might like this photo I got from a customer when I asked them to send measurements... Read More

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Timesaving shortcuts from SignCraft readers

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Two monitors are better than one

Small changes sometimes deliver big savings in efficiency. One example of that is using dual monitors on your computer. It may seem like... Read More

Tighten up the spacing

Let’s face it. Many signs just aren’t as easy to read as they could be. They aren’t as legible or visually strong as... Read More

How others get paid for sign design

We recently asked readers of our Trade Secrets e-letter if and how they charged for sign design. The survey was sparked by a... Read More

Do others charge for sign design?

The other day, we got an interesting email from a reader about a topic we’ve heard about many times before: Why do many... Read More

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