Give site signs the impact they deserve

There are extraordinary temporary site signs that get done for high budget projects, but as a rule those don’t apply to the everyday... Read More

Pricing CNC router-cut signs and graphics

I get quite a number of e-mails each week and one of the frequent questions concerns pricing work done on a CNC router.... Read More

Creating logos with a retro look

My favorite genre of logo design is retro logo design. They just seem to be so much more fun than corporate logo design—and... Read More

Design & Price: 3-by-10-ft. printed banner

In every issue, SignCraft gave a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More

10 steps to improving your quick on-site sketches

Quick on-site sketches can establish rapport with our prospect by gaining their confidence in our skills and by proving our interest in the... Read More

The wonderful on-site quick sketch

Certain aspects of our craft are so basic that we can easily take them for granted. They become so familiar to us that... Read More

What’s it cost to produce graphics for this illuminated sign?

We did the graphics for this illuminated sign for a local furniture store that sends the bulk of their sign work to us.... Read More

How logo design can help redefine your business

The need to diversify your product offerings has never been more important. The more things you can offer your current clients, the better.... Read More

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PVC monuments deliver durability and lots of appeal

A monument sign delivers a much different look and message than a sign panel mounted between two posts. The additional mass of its... Read More

Free lunch? Send us your Tips & Tricks!

Chester Board, a sign painter friend of mine, told me once how traveling sign painters used to stop by his shop, looking for... Read More

Adam Straus: Growing a custom sign business

Sometimes a high school job can lead you to a lifelong career. For Adam Straus, a high school co-op job landed him in... Read More

Q&A: Are heat transfer t-shirt graphics durable?

Readers want to know: “Are heat transfer t-shirt graphics as durable as screen printed? What’s the best way to produce them?” This reader... Read More

Cut out the words to send a powerful message

One of the benefits of using cut-out letters on a sign on a building is that it transforms the building itself into a... Read More

Signs We’ve Seen: Signs of London

Here’s another case of a sign designer on vacation—and snapping photos of cool signs along the way. This time, it was David Showalter... Read More

Make the main message shout

We naturally notice larger things first. They’re more obvious and more noticeable. The Mack truck beside you in traffic is more conspicuous than... Read More

Tip: Finish the graphics before sandblasting

I like the clean, sharp edges you get when you paint a panel before sandblasting. But sandblast stencil doesn’t adhere well to the... Read More

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