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From Blanded to Branded: Don’t blend in. Stand out.

How one HVAC contractor dared to completely recreate the image of his business

Use paints and finishes to add value

Want the sign to last? Want to turn heads? The right finish can make it happen.

Adding a large format printer? Ramp up your Photoshop skills

A basic mastery of Photoshop or other bitmap editing software is essential

Create a finish with the look of brass or pewter

The look metal makes for an interesting effect on letters and graphics, and we like to use that. Here’s our formula for a... Read More

Design & Price: 32-sq.-ft. freestanding sign

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More

Design Clinic: Revamping the pet salon sign

One version with the client’s excess copy and one version without

My dimensional sign making roots

51 years have taught me to focus on what I do best—and say no a lot

Learning to letter and stripe: The beautiful struggle

Even veteran sign painters and pinstripers deal with it

The ones that got away

Sometimes the sign just doesn’t happen

Raychel O’Donoghue

Burlington, Massachusetts

Timely Signs

Kingston, New York

What’s it cost to letter this semi cab?

Knocking out a routine one-color vinyl lettering job


Thanks, Bob Fitzgerald! Dear SignCraft, Every sign painter has one or two names in their memory of those who helped them and were... Read More

Max Chamberlin

September 5, 1993 - September 30, 2017

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Flat graphic? Add texture with Gorilla Glue

Texture always adds appeal to a sign design. It creates contrast to the otherwise flat surfaces of the sign, and contrast catches the... Read More

Great-looking interior signs the easy way

Like many shops, Dennis Stanworth, Stanworth Signs, often gets requests for interior signs. Since these signs are seen at arm’s length, he wanted... Read More

Install a sign on two posts the easy way

Installing a sign that is mounted on two posts is a fairly routine project in the sign world. Being able to do that... Read More

Put a little curve on it

You see a lot of flat signs, and you see a fair amount of 3D signs with flat layers—but you don’t see very... Read More

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