A signpainter’s story: Chicago in the late 1930s

“Sign painting? Well, today it ain’t an occupation, it’s an occupational disease.” —Philip Marcus, Chicago sign painter, 1939 Recently, I happened upon a... Read More

How to show the true value of a sign to a client

“We’ve been in business for over 50 years,” says Larry, “and I cannot count the times a customer’s first question was ‘How much... Read More

Add value or plan to sell on price alone

“Value is determined not by what you pay for something, but by what you get for what you pay.” Darn, that’s a great... Read More

A gallery of CNC sign ideas

As you see in every issue of SignCraft, CNC routing makes a wide variety of 3-D signage not only possible, but practical. The... Read More

Download these nine great shop management forms

Most sign shops handle a large variety of sign projects and almost all of them are made specifically to meet a customer’s needs.... Read More

Beyond the routine magnetic sign

Magnetic signs, like any vehicle lettering, can be powerful advertising for a small business. Likewise, they can also be generic identification that lets... Read More

What’s it cost to produce these box truck graphics?

We’ve done two of these box trucks, plus a pair of plastic faces for an illuminated sign for this furniture store. The company... Read More

What would this 4×8 sign sell for?

Almost every sign shop makes 4×8 signs. The uncut panel fits the square footage requirements of many sign codes, and they are efficient... Read More

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Six steps to high-impact vehicle graphics

“We all know that truck lettering delivers the most bang for a client’s advertising buck,” says Braun Bleamer, Jet Signs, Palmerton, PA. It’s... Read More

Signs We’ve Seen: April 2021

Check out this creative sign work by SignCraft’s readers. We’re always interested in seeing your work or photos of great-looking signs you’ve seen.... Read More

Follow-up: Ray Sauder

Age: 49 Shop name: Raynbow Signs City: Palmerston, Ontario, Canada Staff: Five plus Ray Shop size: 4800 sq. ft. Graphics equipment: Roland SolJet... Read More

April 2021: Letters

First two monument signs Dear SignCraft.com, I am the second generation in my family’s sign company. We started as a wide-format printing company... Read More

Follow-up: Jon Depreter

St. Augustine, Florida

Step-by-step: Making a sandblasted redwood sign

Early last year, an existing client of mine contacted me about upgrading the main ID sign for their apartment complex. They wanted a... Read More

Follow-up: Chris and Debi Lovelady

Shop name: Vital Signs LLC City: Thomasville, Georgia Staff: Five plus Chris and Debi Shop size: 5500 sq. ft. Graphics equipment: HP Latex... Read More

Tips & Tricks: Legibility and letter size

The seven-second legibility test I fully agree with the sentiments stated by Ken Millar [see Designing signs for legibility: Letter size and Designing... Read More

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