Make those CNC carved graphics look even better

Some people are always on the lookout for ways to improve their products, productivity and image. I like to think of myself as... Read More

Don’t let poor kerning wreck your layout

Select the Text tool, click somewhere on the page to set to location, then type away. Resize the type to fit the space... Read More

Use contrast to keep outlines and shadows under control

Early in my career I did a lot of racecar work, mostly dirt track cars. My goal was to have the car show... Read More

Back to basics: Keep your logos clean and simple

With so many easy-to-use filters and special effects now available, it’s easy to get carried away with adding all sorts of bells and... Read More

Let’s focus on design

No matter how many signs we design, paint, vinylize or produce in some form or another, the number of design possibilities before us... Read More

Using bitmaps to create reliefs for CNC routing

What is relief? To me, relief is like three-dimensional color. Just as you can add color to a line art layout to make... Read More

What’s it cost to produce this 3-D sign?

We had worked with this architectural firm on a major government project, both at the design phase and throughout production and installation. Meanwhile,... Read More

Then and now: Gold leaf is a natural for fire apparatus

Americans have been decorating fire apparatus for a long time—by most accounts, for over 200 years. The embellishment has always been elaborate, and... Read More

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Quick layout tip: Give the message room to breathe

The code word for this is “negative space.” It refers to the space around each letter, each word, each message group and the... Read More

Download this classic hand-lettered script font for FREE!

This great-looking letter style has the look of a classic hand lettered script because that’s exactly what it is. New Zealand sign painter... Read More

Rob Cooper: Sketches and lettering

When Rob Cooper left Miami for his native New Zealand (and ultimately to Thailand) around 2000, he had to travel light. One of... Read More

PVC columns make great sign mountings

One way to increase the mass and overall visual impression of a sign is to mount it on columns instead of posts. A... Read More

Q&A – When the customer doesn’t buy

One of the popular features in SignCraft from years past was called “Reader to Reader.” In the days before the Internet, it was... Read More

Q&A – Mask for sandblasting glass

One of the popular features in SignCraft from years past was called “Reader to Reader.” In the days before the Internet, it was... Read More

Put complementary colors to work

One of the tools Bob Behounek uses in his great-looking sign designs is the color wheel. It’s essential to a good understanding of... Read More

Doc Guthrie: 1943-2022

On Saturday, September 3, Ralph “Doc” Guthrie, sign painter and legendary instructor at the Los Angeles Trade Tech College Sign Graphics program, passed... Read More

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