What’s it cost to produce this freestanding sign?

The Camas Montessori School had a sign that served its purpose over the years, but time and the elements had taken their toll.... Read More

Custom type can set a logo apart

With the thousands of fonts available for designers, you would think you’d always be able to find the exact typeface needed for your... Read More

Converting hand-drawn graphics into vector files

At the core of my zeal for traditional sign making methods is drawing. In today’s landscape of sign sameness the hand-drawn and hand-lettered... Read More

What would this 4×6 sign sell for?

Randy Howe, Getzumexposure.com, Port Dover, Ontario, Canada  So the customer walks in your shop and says his landlord allows a 24 sq. ft.... Read More

Balancing your life and your sign work

While visiting with some good friends of mine the other day, we started reviewing our “work-to-fun ratios.” When this subject comes up in... Read More

Simple wraps deliver a more powerful message

Vehicle wraps—whether on vans, cars or box trucks—present a unique opportunity to get your client’s message out in a visually powerful medium. The... Read More

Design & Price: 2-by-4-ft. site sign

For every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More

Flat signs can deliver a dimensional look

Usually when a customer comes into the shop, it’s because they’ve seen some of my dimensional work out in the field and they... Read More

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Tips & Tricks: Stains for cedar backgrounds

I sometimes use cedar planks for a background to mount a sign face on, or use cedar trim on a sign. For years... Read More

Tips & Tricks: The ultimate glass cleaner

I did window splashes and window signs for over 20 years, and the first step is getting the glass really clean. The very... Read More

Tips & Tricks: Bond acrylic without the applicator bottle clogging

When gluing acrylic, as when you’re replacing channel letter faces, don’t use hypo #25 bottles. They clog very easily and it’s difficult to... Read More

Tips & Tricks: Make weeding white and light-colored vinyl graphics easier

If you are getting old and decrepit like me, it gets harder to see the lines on cut vinyl, especially white material. This... Read More

Tips & Tricks: Give them a miniature version of their sign

Here’s a cool thing to do that customers really get a kick out of: Make them a miniature version of their sign. We... Read More

Tips & Tricks: Quality materials and proper installation are powerful sales tools

Most signs get removed or moved sooner or later, yet hardly anyone thinks of sign removal and/or relocation. For example, if cheap materials... Read More

Tips & Tricks: Flatten your wood before you V-carve

When doing V-carving in wood, don’t assume that the piece is perfectly flat. Even a small difference in thickness from one side to... Read More

Tips & Tricks: Easy edge sealing of PVC letters and graphics

Router-cutting PVC leaves a raw edge that is more porous than the smooth face of the PVC board. To solve this, I seal... Read More

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