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Design drives successful digital prints

The technology is impressive, but the outcome is only as good as the design

Nostalgia race cars deserve classic hand lettered graphics

Graphics for nostalgia drag racers

The power of before-and-after

Don’t expect clients to imagine the difference you can make—show them!

Today’s tools for learning

The Internet has changed everything

Combining traditional skills and today’s technology

Technology has given powerful tools to signmakers

Design Clinic: New design for a truck fleet

Not every established business is open to a new look

Design & Price: 3D residential sign

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More

What’s it cost to produce this 48-by-42-in. 3D sign?

Materials: HDU board: $215 Paint and misc: $144 Total materials: $359 Labor: Sales/design/file prep: 3 hours Precut panels to shape: 1 hour Finish... Read More

Art Amerman

Wyckoff, New Jersey

Jeff Cahill

An inside look at a top designer’s studio, tools and workspace

Kurt Gaber

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin


Hand-lettered signs bear the maker’s mark Dear SignCraft, Back in the day B.C. (Before Computers), I studied and admired many hand-lettered signs. Being... Read More

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Try this easy approach to estimating

Ever wish there was a formula you could use to check your pricing? Here’s one we learned about from Jim Jackson of Artcraft... Read More

Custom PVC posts are an easy upgrade to sell

Custom posts and mountings are a great way to make signs more appealing and more effective. They make the sign more obvious—without adding... Read More

The secrets of killer truck lettering design

Good design never goes out of date, and that’s as true of vehicle graphics as it is about architecture or furniture design. Recently,... Read More

Flat graphic? Add texture with Gorilla Glue

Texture always adds appeal to a sign design. It creates contrast to the otherwise flat surfaces of the sign, and contrast catches the... Read More

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