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Before and After

What a difference the principles of effective sign layout can make

Digital printing: almost everywhere

On a truck, on a storefront, on a window, on a banner...

Pinstriped panels for fun and profit

Besides being a good way to hone your skills, there’s a market for cool panels

Essential tools: Pounce wheels and perforated patterns

A simple paper pattern speeds letter installation, painted signs and even vinyl signs

Designer at work: David Showalter

David Showalter sent us photos of his shop truck in SignCraft’s early days. He was a young, creative sign painter with a very... Read More

Design Clinic: A-frame sign

Organize the copy to deliver the primary message quickly

Glazes bring textures to life

3D textures get much more dramatic when you add glazes

Use the brand to tell a story

Take a thematic approach to brand design

Jason Hakki

Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Matt Beckner

Alamosa, Colorado

What’s it cost to produce this freestanding sign?

Timesaving shortcuts from SignCraft readers

Design & Price: 3D hanging sign

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More


Mike Lavallee: 1960-2020 Mike Lavallee, pinstriper, airbrush artist and sign painter, died on April 14, 2020. Mike was the highly respected creator of... Read More

Shop Trucks

We’d like to see your shop vehicles!

Tips & Tricks

Timesaving shortcuts from SignCraft readers

Cool Tools

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You did their sign. How about their T-shirts?

Next time you’re in a store, take note of all the printed t-shirts on the people around you, many advertising local businesses. Printed... Read More

Drop the lettering down on the doors

One of the fundamentals of sign layout is to put the primary copy in the optical center of the panel. On a truck,... Read More

More sign shop display areas

A couple of Trade Secrets ago, we shared photos of the display areas of a few top sign makers to show how sample... Read More

Dealing with a bad customer-provided design

A customer comes to you with a design they made up and want to use it for their sign. You know it’s going... Read More

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