Fabricate signs from aluminum composite material

After I read Curt Nelson’s article, “Step-by-step: Building monument cabinet signs,” in the May/June 2010 issue, I began experimenting with aluminum composite material... Read More

Hidden hardware keeps this installation a secret

While working on a large sandblasted sign for a local restaurant, I kept trying to think of an easy, unobtrusive way to assemble... Read More

Handling linear layouts

Back in the mid-1960s, my travels in and around the greater Chicago area were a source of inspiration and amazement. Right in the... Read More

Making application of large cut vinyl graphics easier

In What’s it cost to letter this box truck, I went through the time, materials and major steps of lettering a box truck.... Read More

What’s it cost to letter this box truck?

Vehicle lettering makes up a good deal of my business, and most of it is on vans and pickups. Occasionally, though, I’ll do... Read More

Putting color theory into practice

Selecting colors in our work can be a great challenge. It doesn’t need to be intimidating, though. Every designer must be aware of... Read More

Using acrylic latex paint for sign finishes

One of the biggest changes in our shop in the last ten years is the exclusive use of water-based acrylic house paint for... Read More

Choose the font that suits the message

Choosing type with the proper font weight—bold, medium or light—is important for controlling in what order a sign’s message gets read. We discussed... Read More

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Follow-up: Andy Bordi

Shop name: Bordi Designs Shop size: 450 sq. ft. plus the inside office area Age: 53 Graphics equipment: ShopBot Desktop Max CNC router... Read More

Signs and carvings from the golden age of circus

Once upon a time, circuses ruled the entertainment world. They were exotic, exciting and extravagant—especially when it came to graphics and signage. Detailed... Read More

Fabricating LED backlit PVC letters

A logo on the wall of a lobby or waiting area can create a very professional appearance and further reinforce the company’s brand.... Read More

Let’s carve a moose head

Sign making is serious business—at least most of the time. But every once in a while, a job arrives that is anything but... Read More

Tips & Tricks: Paint 3D signs the easy way

A hard rubber brayer is the easiest way to paint the raised letters on a sandblasted or router carved sign. Before, it would... Read More

Clear coat hand lettering for max durability

As clear coats on vehicles became more impervious and lead was removed from lettering enamel, many sign painters began to experience problems with... Read More

Not your typical set of semi doors

Lane Walker [Solo Signs, Reno, Nevada] does plenty of semi-truck doors. His years in the business have earned him a reputation among area... Read More

Bill Kirnec: Still painting at 84

When SignCraft spoke with Bill Kirnec last week, he was getting ready to start lettering and pinstriping another new wrecker for Sandy’s Towing... Read More

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