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CNC routers mean new opportunities

The natural appeal of 3D graphics can open new doors for sign makers

Tips from 55 years of sign painting

A few trade secrets to help paint handle better and get great coverage

Lines, Harleys and blues in Durango

Pinstriping and blues guitar mix perfectly for this Colorado striper

Making the most of initial-based brands

B&B, JR, DTR: What can you do with a company name that is just a few letters?

Designers at work: Ralph Toews and Sons

When he was about 15, Ralph Toews rode his bike to the sign shop of John Henry Friesen, an outstanding sign painter whose... Read More

A sign-making family builds an inn

A little more carving, a little more sculpting, a little more painting...

Get the letter spacing right

A few extra minutes can help you look like a pro!

Design & Price: Boat lettering

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More

Joe and Sandy Paffoon

Lynn Haven, Florida

Kevin Woolbert

Port Charlotte, Florida

What’s it cost to letter this vehicle?

Use experience to guide the estimating process


Forty years of lettering vintage locomotives In 1979, when the California State Railroad Museum needed someone to hand paint the original graphics on... Read More

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Making a new old sign

One of the very cool things that a sign maker can do is to create a new sign that looks 50 years old—weathered... Read More

Put the background to work

One of the things that can create visual interest and draw that critical “second look” that gets the sign’s message read is to... Read More

How does your sign business compare?

A couple of weeks ago, we asked Trade Secrets readers to tell us a little about their work and their sign businesses. The... Read More

You did their sign. How about their T-shirts?

Next time you’re in a store, take note of all the printed t-shirts on the people around you, many advertising local businesses. Printed... Read More

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