Five sign layout pitfalls to avoid

Every sign maker knows there’s room for improvement in his or her layout skills. Learning the art of creative, effective sign layout is... Read More

What’s it cost to produce these trailer graphics?

Have you ever had one of those big trucks or trailers pull up in front of the shop, and you wanted to run... Read More

Legibility is the cornerstone of sign layout

Sometimes, as I drive home at the end of the day, I’m not interested in seeing anything related to signs. I don’t care... Read More

Need a little layout inspiration? Here you go.

Back in the mid-1990s, Rob Cooper began spending almost every summer with his friend Russ Mowry, who at the time had Vintage Sign,... Read More

Stipple on an antique background

Cool effects are one way of adding interest to a sign—and adding some interest to your workday. They’re fun. For this sign for... Read More

Download this chart to help clients understand legibility

Customers often load a sign with excessive copy that forces the sign designer to use smaller letter sizes, hurting the readability of the... Read More

Design & Price: 3D sign for a vacation home

In every issue, SignCraft gives a few sign makers an imaginary project. We ask them to do a sketch of the sign they... Read More

Design logos for both horizontal and vertical use

We’ve all seen examples of great logos that work well on a business card but fail miserably in the outdoor realm because of... Read More

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Want a cool 3D effect? Try embossed copper sheeting.

The “anything goes” approach to creative sign making gets used frequently at Southpaw Signs, Oceana, California. Looking through examples of their work, you’ll... Read More

Step-by-step – Making a multilayer 3D sign

Router-cut letters on a smooth or textured background give a nice 3-D feel, but layers accent the dimensional effect even more. Dayna Reed... Read More

Two colors, high impact

Signs face a lot of visual competition out in the real world. Other signs, billboards and traffic are all drawing readers’ eyes away... Read More

Inbox – February 2024

New Australian sign magazine for sign painters Jumbo Magazine aims to capture in print the stories of the tradition of hand-painted signage from... Read More

Q&A: Choose a durable chrome film for vehicle graphics

A reader wants to know: “I’d like to hear what others think is the best chrome film for computer-cut vehicle lettering.” Chrome- or... Read More

Sean Beauchamp: Custom signs on the California coast

Custom sign shops are unusual, creative places. While many businesses buy products and resell them or manufacture a line of products to sell,... Read More

The sign designer controls what gets read—and when

It’s true: a picture—or a simple graphic—is worth 1,000 words. This Instagram post is a great example that carries a powerful message for... Read More

Roger Cox: Back to sign making

Roger Cox waded into the sign business right out of college in 1988, a graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.... Read More

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