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Want to know what a shop with a shop rate of about $65 per hour gets for a basic 4-by-8? Or a shop with a rate of about $45 gets for a pair of truck doors in two colors with a logo? How about what a shop with a rate of about $85 for the same jobs?

You'll find all that and more in the Sign Pricing Guide — and the new online version lets you find those prices in just three clicks. Since 2005, we've gathered data from established sign shops on how they priced 15 categories of typical, everyday commercial signs — like signs on aluminum, plywood and PVC board, plus vehicles, sandblasted signs, digital printing and more. This unique estimating resource is FREE for members. Join today!

You'll get pricing tailored to the job you're quoting. You can find prices for banners in 14 common sizes from 2-by-6-ft. to 4-by-20-ft. Or, you can price signs on aluminum-faced panels in 10 sizes from 18-by-24-inches to 4-by-10-ft.

You pick the level of complexity, from a basic, one-color "quick" sign to a complex version with multiple colors and graphics — and more appeal and advertising value.

You choose the overhead and markup level that fits your shop. After all, sign pricing is not one-size-fits-all. Overhead varies with your market and staff size. Not sure what your overhead level is? We provide an easy-to-use worksheet to help you establish an accurate shop rate.

There's never been a pricing resource like this for sign makers. The Sign Pricing Guide is now in the hands of thousands of sign shops from coast-to-coast.

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