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SignCraft offers two great pricing tools for sign makers to help take the guesswork out of pricing your signs. They’re based on pricing surveys of successful sign shops and actual job costing. members can select access to one or both of these helpful tools.

Sign Pricing Guide:

Around since 2005, the Sign Pricing Guide features 15 categories of everyday signs and lets you choose your pricing level based on four overhead rates. It’s available to all active members.

Want to know what a shop with a shop rate of about $85 per hour gets for a basic 4-by-8? Or a shop with a rate of about $62 gets for a pair of truck doors in two colors with a logo? How about what a shop with a rate of about $109 for the same jobs?

The Sign Pricing Guide lets you see those prices in just three clicks. Choose the type of sign and the dimensions. Then choose the level of complexity—Basic, Intermediate or Complex—to get the estimated selling price for your shop‘s hourly rate.

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Take a look at the Sign Pricing Guide in action:

SignQuote Pro:

The SignQuote Pro app is the easiest, fastest way to get an estimate on a sign or check your own estimate. Enter your hourly rate and markup, then estimate a variety of digitally printed or cut vinyl sign projects—flat signs, vehicles, wraps, banners, boats, windows and more.

Choose your actual shop rate (instead of just four levels like the Sign Pricing Guide). Your quotes are recorded in your history file, and you can also get quotes emailed back to you as PDFs for reference.

Tap the pull-down menus to choose the type of sign, the materials and add any additional services such as installation or travel time. You‘ll get a workable price, and your estimate will be saved in your history. You can even email the estimate back to yourself for reference with a single tap.

SignQuote Pro is based on SignCraft's Sign Pricing Guide plus the pricing system developed by a sign pro with years of experience running a successful sign shop. It is a web-based app so you can run it on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

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“I've kind of become dependent on the Sign Pricing Guide. It’s so easy and quick to use. Thanks!” –Mike G.

“SignQuote Pro is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It covers all the bases—and at an incredibly low price, too.” —Steve M.

“This system is going to be a life saver for us. We love it. We have been in business for years and have been shooting from the hip on our estimates.” —Ricky D.

Helpful links:

Not sure what your overhead level is? Determining Your Hourly Rate will help you do that. It includes our easy-to-use Overhead Worksheet to help you establish an accurate shop rate. Want to know more about how the Sign Pricing Guide works? Using the Sign Pricing Guide explains that and shows the difference between the Basic, Intermediate and Complex levels of work.

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