Design: 30 minutes It took me about a half an hour to put the layout together.
Cut vinyl film: 30 minutes The signs required three colors of film.
Weed and mask: 60 minutes It took about an hour to weed the cut graphics and mask them.
Cut panels, drill and mount: 60 minutes I cut the three panels from a sheet of aluminum composite material [ACM], then bolted them into the step frames.
Apply film: 30 minutes I used a little application fluid and applied the graphics.
Here’s one of the three completed double-faced signs.

What’s it cost to produce these three jobsite signs?

Time and materials add up on the 18-by-24-in. yard signs

By signcraft

Posted on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

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Three 18-by-24-in. aluminum
composite panels — $75
Three metal sign frames — $54
Stainless steel screws
and nuts — $24
Vinyl film — $66
Total materials — $219

Design — 30 min.
Cut vinyl film — 30 min.
Weed — 60 min.
Apply vinyl — 30 min.
Cut sign panels — 30 min.
Drill panel and mount — 30 min.

Total labor — 3 hours 30 minutes

A local construction company that’s just starting out needed a few basic jobsite signs. They had a few remodeling jobs underway, but were also about to start building a house. They wanted signs to use on these sites.

IMM is the owner’s last name. I chose a bold roman letter for that, and it gave a nice corporate look. I grouped the rest of the copy into blocks to organize it for easy reading.

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