The park is accessed via a boardwalk along the seafront. The main entrance is a big archway with the park’s namesake, Skallywag, sculpted into the top. The secondary logo, a skull with crossed wrenches, is plasma-cut into the center of the gate.
Each sign features one of the sixteen Gruffles we designed for Skallywag Bay. The railroad sign has Pike sitting in the cab of his train engine. All of the signs have a retro, steampunk style with copper trim and lots of rivets.
Spex sits in the crow’s nest atop the mast on the sign advertising the towering drop ride. He wears a pair of thick glasses and clutches a telescope, watching for those who might trespass in Skallywag Bay.
The sign for the adventure golf is actually a giant tree to which a host of signs are fastened. Soon it will be surrounded by lush vegetation, blending it into the landscape.
The eighteenth hole of the adventure golf is Hangman’s tree. Guests putt into his mouth for the last hole. It is a unique feature that suits the theme of the park very well.
A small, fully dimensional model of the fearsome Kraken is featured on the bumper boat sign. The back of the Kraken signs, like all of the others for this project, is fully finished and detailed.
On my last trip to Trinidad, Phoebe, my oldest granddaughter, accompanied me to help paint the large park graphic on the wall facing the highway. It’s been a long time since I painted letters this large on a concrete wall. We had fun and managed to do the massive sign in a day and a half.

A big project done on “island time”

There’s no rush to finish in Trinidad

By signcraft

Posted on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

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Many projects can seem to take a long time in our shop, but a recently completed job holds the all-time record! They say that time on a Caribbean island is kept differently than on a continent. Time goes by much more slowly and there is no need to rush. We certainly found this to be true on this project.

Seven years ago a businessman from Trinidad dropped in to Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf, which we had built and, at the time, owned. He had been searching for more than five years around the world for a company to build his dream project. We talked at length and he excitedly promised that we would be the team to help him realize his long-held dream.

Two years went by before he contacted us to start the serious planning. It was another year before we were under contract to begin the actual building process. In that year the project grew from a half-acre mini golf to a two-and-ahalf acre theme park, complete with nine rides and attractions.

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